The Drugstore Products Real Celeb Makeup Artists Use on Their Clients

Peering inside a makeup artist's kit is like catching a glimpse of a superior universe. Their massive bags are chock-full of not just any old products but those deemed worthy of red carpets, photo shoots, weddings, and other events that require a flawless face. Let's put it this way: To keep their clients happy, makeup artists don't mess with anything but the best.

And the pros will look anywhere to find it. Sure, makeup artists rely on luxury beauty supply shops and department stores for holy-grail foundations and highlighters, but they know better than anyone that there are gems to be found at the drugstore too. (Personally, almost every makeup artist I've ever worked with has told me that they refuse to use any mascara but Maybelline Lash Discovery. Take it from them that spending more than eight bucks on mascara just isn't worth it.) Long story short, brand snobbery benefits no one.

Of course, it's one thing simply to recommend a product to a client; it means something more when makeup artists actually keep that product in their kit and use it on the reg. We spoke with a handful of celebrity makeup artists to find out exactly which drugstore products they swear are necessary to their collections. Want the final word on which drugstore products are actually equal to (or better than) their high-end counterparts? Keep scrolling for makeup artists' top picks.

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.