Watch: How to Create a Bronzed Skin–and–Berry Lip Makeup Look

Celebrity makeup artist Kira Nasrat is all about fresh, dewy skin. Whether she’s applying makeup to the famous faces of Jessica Alba, Lea Michele, or Olivia Culpo, we can always count on the final look to be bronzed and radiant. (Seriously, we’re going to go ahead and say that her name is basically synonymous with the word sun-kissed.)

That’s why we asked her to walk us through the look, showing us exactly how she achieves it. As it turns out, you don’t need 50 expensive products or to set aside an hour of time; the whole process is actually quite simple. You just need the expert-approved products (like her favorite shimmery highlighter, light-reflecting bronzer, and bright lipstick, to name a few). In no time at all, you’ll look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, no matter how tired you are or how fast your tan might be fading. Keep scrolling to watch Nasrat’s full tutorial below!