Makeup Artist Troy Surratt on How He Really Feels About Beauty Influencers

If you haven't heard of Troy Surratt, chances are you've come across his three-year-old cosmetics line, Surratt Beauty. The makeup artist's sleek collection is known for Japanese-inspired products, including calligraphy-like eyeliners, and for having some of the finest brushes around. Surratt Beauty boasts customizable and refillable palettes, which is something true beauty aficionados can appreciate. Since its inception, the line has become available in Barneys stores as well as on

More recently, the brand dropped at Sephora, but don't expect Troy Surratt to be anything but genuine when it comes to his sales apparoch—or lack thereof. In a recent interview with Racked, Kevyn Aucoin's protégé said, "I'm not a very good cosmetics salesman." The Kansas City native admits to being fired from his counter gig at Trish McEvoy due to his weak sales. And although that was early on in his career, it still took him some time to launch a namesake line after years of working behind the scenes for big names like Tarte, Maybelline, and Shiseido. 

The article points out Surratt Beauty's "modest" following of 17,000 followers, and while it could be due to the newness of the brand, it's safe to assume Troy won't be enlisting the help of makeup influencers to help push sales. "A good makeup artist knows just as well what not to do as they know what to do. What is happening on Instagram is a disservice. It is so much artifice, and it’s every beauty trick in the book being applied to one face and in a formulaic way," he tells Racked. When you've done makeup for the likes of Adele and Jennifer Lopez and decide to focus on a brand with your name on it, Surratt is certainly sticking the authentic approach he's always had.

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