Brushes vs. Sponges vs. Your Fingers: This Is the Real Difference



Over the years, I’ve heard it all—this makeup artist loves to use her fingers while that celebrity prefers a brush. Another expert will swear by Beautyblenders ($20). Kylie Jenner even applies her moisturizer with a brush. The advice is helpful, but often it leaves me with even more questions. What is the best way? And which products call for what tools? I’ve been applying my foundation with a sponge, my eye shadow with a brush, and blending on my concealer with my fingers. But I’m curious if I’ve got it all wrong—if, dare I say, I could look far more flawless during a night out if I swap out the tools I use for each step.

I decided it was time to find definitive answers. I sent a (fairly frantic) email over to a few of my most trusted makeup artists. They calmed my fears, explained each step and the reasoning behind it, and even recommended a few favorite products to keep me (and now, you!) covered. Keep reading to get all the answers.

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.