How to Make Foundation Look Natural Every Time, According to Top Makeup Artists



It's funny—our bathroom vanities and office desks runneth over with makeup products, our purses practically serve as a catchall for every rogue lipstick and balm there ever was, and yet we're fully on board with the natural-makeup movement. We wouldn't consider ourselves walking contradictions, though. No, we can still play and test out different colors and products while having a light hand and knowing how to apply and where for a less-is-more kind of look.

Arguably the most important aspect of natural makeup is foundation application. If your base looks too caked-on, the quest for a natural, fresh look will fall flat. The key is to still be able to see your skin without a thick layer (or, okay two) of foundation hiding your beautiful complexion. To make sure we get this step right every time, we turned to some top makeup artists for their feedback. See what they had to say below!

What's your tip for making your foundation look natural? Please share with us below!