Make Beauty's Relaunch Solved My Summer Skin Dilemma

The ultimate warm weather duo.

Make Beauty model

Make Beauty

In terms of skincare, moisturizer is both one of the most-used and the most-studied products on the market—and therefore, the most produced. It's hard to imagine any new brand launching without a rich moisturizer as its centerpiece. Scroll to any established company's best-sellers page, and you'll undoubtedly see a cult-favorite moisturizer at the top. Thanks to the sheer volume of moisturizers out there, it takes a truly innovative new product to cut through the noise and command attention. Make Beauty didn't just develop a moisturizer, though. It made two hero products that work together to hydrate and solve all your conflicting skin issues.

Available today, the Make Beauty Super Cell Deep Moisture Cream ($38) and Acid Phase Multi-AHA Exfoliation Solution ($38) are a one-two punch of exfoliation and hydration, working together (though they're great solo, too) to smooth, refine, and restore moisture for even the thirstiest skin. Make's site calls the brand's offerings "personal care enhancements," and that description is apt. Both new products feel more like they're functioning to reveal your real, albeit improved skin than changing its texture altogether—a small but meaningful difference.

About the Brand

After the brand overhaul and relaunch earlier this spring, both new products are part of Make's expanded lineup. In fact, you might already be familiar with some of Make's fan-favorite makeup products (and its old logo's distinct font). The relaunch, spearheaded by Carrie Barber, owner, and Violet Grey alum, takes the original brand's love for self-expression and experimentation and marries it with science-focused ingredients and sustainability for a 2.0 version that's truly representative of our time.

Like all new Make skincare products, this exfoliator and moisturizer are powered by the brand's signature process, L.E.N.I, or Lab-Engineered Natural Ingredients. The biotech process creates replicas of nature-found ingredients and improves on them, in many cases adding potency, preservation time, and extras like irritation-reducing elements. It's good for you and the earth: for example, rather than harvest squalene from shark liver, Make gets theirs from lab-grown sugarcane.

The Products

In the case of Make's Exfoliation Solution, the L.E.N.I. process features its version of high-purity glycolic acid, bioprotective oligosaccharides, and exopolysaccharides (produced by bacteria in nature) for an alpha hydroxy acid-powered formula. Together with acne-fighting salicylic acid and sodium pyroglutamic acid, this liquid exfoliant encourages cell turnover and resurfacing to help create smoother, more radiant skin.

For the Super Cell Deep Moisturizer, the L.E.N.I. process features lab-cloned orchid plant stem cells and seaweed extract. The formula's fatty acids and phyto-ceramides maintain an improved skin barrier function, essential for the moisturizer's long-term benefits. Crucially, the chrome tub of moisturizer is also refillable, a key part of MAKE's new commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

My Review

My skin, particularly in the summer, is a constant balancing act. I feel as though I'm always simultaneously dry and oily, textured and raw, thanks to days of sunscreen, chlorine, and lots of sweat. I don't just notice it on my face, either—it's a head-to-toe problem, particularly on my chest. I decided to make my chest the control group for this exfoliator (I do nightly .5 percent tretinoin on my face) to see how it interacted with my skin's slightly raised texture.

After shaking the bottle well, I coaxed a few drops into my palms and pressed the solution from my collarbone down. It was a match made in decolletage heaven, and I noticed a significant improvement in my mild keratosis pilaris almost immediately. After two nights, my skin felt smoother to the touch, and a few of my lighter, more superficial marks were starting to fade. Now a week in, I've also noticed a difference in how my subsequent skincare products felt upon application, no doubt thanks to the exfoliator's priming.

MAKE moisturizer refillable


Make's new moisturizer is sitting next to me as I type this—not for reference, but because I'm so obsessed with applying it. The fluffy consistency belies just how rich the cream is, but you'd also never know it from how easily it sinks into the skin. Three hours after my first application, I briefly touched my face and was shocked. My skin felt the way it does a few minutes after applying moisturizer: distinctly plumper, hydrated but not greasy, and all primed for makeup. Mercifully, both products smell like absolutely nothing (my preferred skincare scent), and the refillable packaging makes me feel not at all guilty about slathering the cream all over my arms and back like a decadent body lotion.

Considering Make is just a few months into its relaunch and already rolling out products of this caliber, I think it's safe to say I'll be preordering every upcoming drop.

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