A Celebrity Hairstylist Gave Me the Most Epic Curls of My Life—Here's How

From the first moment I ever laid eyes on Sandy Olsson (played by the fabulous Olivia Newton-John) in the 1978 film rendition of Grease, I've wanted, dreamed about, and unsuccessfully begged the hair gods for a head of curls that could make Diana Ross jealous. A big ask, mind you, considering my strands are about as fine, thin, and lank as they come. Truly, it's been a sore spot for years. Eventually, I gave up completely. Straight and smooth has become my signature, and while my now healthier, less-fried hair has recently developed some natural bend and wave that I very much like, major curls fit for the polished floors of Studio 54 have never been in my hand of cards. Or at least, not until celebrity beauty guru and co-founder of The Glam App Joey Maalouf gave me the most epic curls of my life a few weeks back. 

Rewind to roughly one month ago during one of our weekly editorial meetings when the topic of hair came up. Our amazing co-founder Hillary Kerr was in the room and mentioned curls. More specifically, big, voluminous, statement-making curls. You know, the kind we see and lust after on the red carpet à la Rihanna or Kate Moss but are simultaneously intimidated by if we're not blessed with any kind of natural texture. Rather quickly and excitedly, an idea was proposed that an editor with non-curly and rather impotent strands would play guinea pig to makeup and hair wizard Maalouf, test-driving the Major Curl styling option available on The Glam App.

Thus, just a few weeks later, I found myself (somewhat skeptically, if I'm being honest) sitting in front of Maalouf at our L.A. office offering up my sad, straight head of hair to his magical hands. The goal: to completely transform my long, stick-straight locks and to disprove the common belief that lank hair can't hold a curl or attain the voluminous coils we admire on so many of our favorite celebrities. Spoiler: He completely succeeded. I was completely transformed, and, brace yourself, he only used two products. Intrigued? Excited? Disbelieving? Keep reading for the astounding before and after photos, Maalouf's best tips, and tricks, and of course, the necessary tools and equipment you'll need to try the look out for yourself.