Negative-Space Lipstick Is the Newest Trend From Paris Fashion Week


The last week of fashion month is upon us. First it was New York, then London, then Milan, and now we're approaching the end. That's right, Paris Fashion Week opened in the French capital mere hours ago, yet it's already creating major buzz (as it normally does). The first looks we saw were from Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. The former sent its models down the runway with luminous matte skin and kohl-rimmed eyes, while the latter went for dewy, fresh-faced beauty. 

These looks were lovely and inspiring, but the award for most unexpected hair and makeup has to go to John Galliano's Maison Margiela show (at least, as of now). Models walked the runway with slick, tousled bedhead complete with feather and glitter accents.

For makeup, legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath surprised us all by giving each model a negative space lip. Unexpected? Definitely. A little confusing? Yes, but strangely chic. Keep scrolling to see the final look and learn which products were used.

As you can see, McGrath applied a vivid pink lip color to the models but made sure to leave a bare, slightly curved stripe in the middle. This made each side of the models' mouths look like sideways hearts, or the petals of a flower. Très chic, no? As a bonus, this highly editorial look gives the appearance of a super-full pout. Is this negative-space look going to replace people's habit of new over-lining their lips, as a way to fake a fuller pout without the use of fillers? We're going with yes since this makeup look is spreading quickly around the internet, with people either loving or hating this unexpected lipstick twist.

In the Instagram caption, McGrath revealed the exact shade that each model wore—Full Panic—which is a bright fuchsia shade belonging to her Matte Trance Lipstick ($38) collection. For the glowy skin, McGrath used her Skin Fetish 003 Kits ($72), which are sadly currently out of stock on the brand's website. Keep an eye out for the next time it's restocked. 

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