Everyone's Favorite GoT Character Just Got Another Crazy (Good) Hair Makeover

A girl has blue hair. And that girl is Maisie Williams, everyone's favorite fearless, needle-wielding Stark on Game of Thrones. The young actress recently took her brunette locks to the dark side by dying her hair black and added a blue tint, which she debuted at the Serpentine Summer Party in London.

However, yesterday Williams cryptically informed the world on Instagram that she was getting her hair "re-dyed" at Neville Salon, adding, "I am officially a mermaid." While we're still awaiting her official reveal photo, the colorist responsible for her bold new look, Seniz Alkan, posted a picture of Williams's new look on her Instagram account and wrote, "Thank you to @maisie_williams for allowing me to make you a ombréd mermaid blue." We think Arya Stark would totally approve.

Keep scrolling to see Maisie Williams's transformation from classic brunette to bright blue.

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