Move Over Peel-Off Masks, There's a New Insta Trend in Town

peel off face mask

Magnets are great. Most of us have a souvenir magnet (or three) adorning our fridges at home, and of course, you can have endless hours of fun with the alphabet ones. When it comes to beauty, magnets have played their part, too. Remember those magnet stamps (circa 2011) that magically created patterns in your drying nail polish? Fast forward to now and magnets have evolved. No longer reserved for novelty fridge adornment or nail art, they are being utilized by two of the biggest skin doctor brands in the world. Both Lancer Skincare and the team behind the late Dr. Brandt have launched magnetic face masks promising to tackle both wrinkles and the damaging effects of pollution. Already Insta-famous, these masks are as addictive to watch as they are to use, and, unlike the popular peel-off masks, they are totally pain-free.

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As you can see from the Instagram video, you apply the mask, wait and then use the magnet to draw the product away from the skin. If you wrap the magnet in a tissue, you can simply throw the tissue away afterward, making it super easy to use—no muss, no fuss.

magnetic face masks: Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier
Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier $75

The magnet isn’t just a removal device, but it’s drawing impurities and pollution particles away from the skin, which, if left, can lead to premature wrinkles and age spots. The magnet is like a deep clean for your complexion but it has other benefits, too. “[Magnets] have been known to help heal wounds and calm inflammation and are a very hot area of research right now,” Whitney Bowe, a Manhattan dermatologist and a member of the Dr. Brandt Skincare Advisory Board, told Observer.

The magnet also wakes up negatively charged particles, like calcium, that are naturally found within our skin. This, in turn, stimulates the fibroblasts to produce more collagen and the circulation of the skin gets a boost, too. The skin will be left with an instant glow.

While both masks promise line-smoothing and skin-tightening benefits, Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier ($75) is very much focused on purifying pores and tackling dullness. It leaves a moisturizing film on the skin, making it ideal for nighttime use. Lancer Skincare's Younger Revealing Mask Intense contains Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate to improve the skin’s overall texture and tone and leaves skin ready for makeup application.

Lancer, who counts Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham among his celebrity clients, told Observer that his mask contains encapsulated actives. The magnet removes the “transmitting rocket… but leaves the actives totally untouched.” He goes on to say that “[the magnet is] actually creating an acoustic vibration, which is the electric current and tingling sensation you feel, that helps stimulate and allow the product to better penetrate the skin.”

magnetic face masks: Lancer Younger Revealing Mask Intense
Lancer Younger Revealing Mask Intense $250

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