15 Stunning Examples of Magenta Hair to Show Your Colorist

kylie jenner with magenta hair


Jewel tones have been trending for awhile. Over the past few years we've been introduced to lilac and lavender, rose gold and coral, ruby red and pastel pink. But the all-encompassing magenta—a bold, beautifully marbled combination of pink, purple, and red—is bigger than, dare we say, millennial pink, and it’s making waves in a variety of tones. We’ve spotted this trending color on the heads of celebrities, influencers and models gracing red carpets, runways, and screens, so naturally, our interest is piqued.  

This trend, as all good ones do, has come back around and is better than ever. Most notably recognized back in the early 2000s, Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani were two of few to make the statement. Today, we’re seeing the expressive color trend on women of all ages, skin tones, and hair textures. From blunt bobs to chic curls, the magenta hair color trend has no limits.

Choosing A Shade: There are so many ways to interpret magenta that you're bound to find one that you love. Ask your colorist for help determining which variation will work best with your complexion.

Maintenance Level: High. "This color fades very quickly," says Toyomi Ishikura, colorist for SHRD Hair Care at Kim Vo salon. Ishikura recommends using a toner and color shampoo frequently to keep the shade in tip-top shape between touch-ups.

Goes Great With: Just about everything—and any skin tone! "This is such expressive hair color," says Ishikura, who suggests getting creative and pairing the look with bold eyeliner.

Similar Shades: purple, sangria hair, dark pink

Price: Cost will vary depending on whether you're getting streaks or dying your whole head, and whether you go to a mid-range or high-end salon. And you should go to a salon; Ishikura strongly recommends consulting a professional, rather than trying the look at home with boxed dye— "Your bathroom is gonna be so messy!"

Ahead, 15 stunning ways to rock bold magenta hair.

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Ombré Up-Do

Demi Lovato


Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Demi Lovato demonstrates a relatively low-maintenance take with their magenta ombré. By keeping her roots a natural dark brown at the base, they ensures less frequent trips to the salon chair. To keep the magenta color itself vibrant, Ishikura says "the key to keep this color is not to shampoo your hair too often." Use dry shampoo between washes. Ishikura recommends SH-RD Nutra-Therapy Shampoo ($20), which is sulfate- and paraben-free for color-treated hair.

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Piecey, Tousled Waves

Georgia May Jagger turned to Bleach London’s Alex Brownsell for nothing shy of the boldest and brightest of magentas. 

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Stunning Short Cut

In short, magenta radiates a soft pink aura, no matter your skin tone. 

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Bob with Red Undertones

Sharna Burgess’ magenta has strong red undertones that she pairs beautifully with a strong red lip. 

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Updo with Hair Accessories

Katy Perry

 Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Leave it to Katy Perry to try this trend on for size. An expertly accessorized blend of bubblegum pink and violet make this magenta beehive a head-turner. 

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Red, Pink, and Violet Balayage

With hints of red, pink, and violet, this multi-dimensional balayage perfectly displays all the hues that magenta is made of. 

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Silky Straight

Kylie Jenner has never failed to grab our attention. Her long, brightly hued magenta strands give off a futuristic vibe. And if anyone knows what's trending, it’s likely to be the youngest billionaire (more specifically, of a beauty company) in our history, right?

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Intricate Braid

Why do we love this look? A bold, juicy pomegranate shade takes this stage in this braided look. This double-braided ponytail is sure to turn heads. 

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Edgy Cut

Lean Chihiro


Hanna Lassen/Getty Images

A shock of neon pink curls on a short, edgy cut is surprisingly wearable if you carry it with confidence like Lean Chihiro.

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Marbled Curls

Tousled waves pair nicely with this marbled magenta hair color. This red-to-pink balayage is a fun shade to try for summer. 

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'90s Grunge Magenta

Supermodel Behati Prinsloo is a trendsetter. After seeing her sport faded 90s-grunge magenta hair, we can't help but want to try the look too. 

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Coils with Sleek Edges

Don’t get it twisted—this color looks good no matter what your hair type or length and gives an extra swirl of flair to your edges.

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Red Red Wine

This gorgeous blend of pinks and purples creates the perfect red wine-inspired ombré. A great option if neon just isn't your thing.

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Temporary Magenta Hair Dye

If you’re nervous about making the commitment to this trending mixture of extreme pink and pastel purple that we call magenta, try using a temporary rinse that will fade with each wash like this one from Overtone

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Bangs and Bobs


Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images


Amiaya show off matching magenta bobs with chic bangs and bright lipstick at Paris Fashion Week. The duo's signature hairstyle turns heads and instantly punks up any outfit—even jeans and a white tee couldn't possibly be boring with this look!

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