Everything You Need to Know About Madonna's MDNA Skincare Line

Including the $600 product she uses on her butt.

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Though it's been available in Asia since 2014, Madonna's skincare line, MDNA Skin, has officially launched in the U.S., and to say that it's been a long time coming would be an understatement. Just like her commitment to her music, unapologetic self-expression, and passion for giving back, MDNA Skin has been a true labor of love. "I've been working on it for seven years. Nothing has come easy, and I did reject a lot of things and drove everyone mad and continue to do so, but I want to be really proud of what I put out there because it's an extension of me. This isn't a vanity project. Even though it's connected to vanity. But that's one of life's paradoxes."

In addition to dishing plenty of juicy details on the line, including, ahem, a clay mask that she applies to her butt, Madonna also inspired us with some of the most refreshing wisdom we've heard in a while. And the scope was grand. From our society's often inept (i.e., ageist) approach to growing older to the inherent subjectivity of beauty, nothing was off-limits. Here's everything you ever wanted to know about Madonna's new skincare line, plus some chicken soup for the soul—Madge style.

Embrace Life's Not-So-Beautiful Circumstances

It's no secret that life isn't always rainbows and cupcakes. Madonna's take? Learn to embrace the less pleasant experiences in order to discover the beauty that manifests at a deeper level—because there's a surplus. Though the topic of skincare could easily be disregarded as superficial and, quite literally, skin deep, for Madonna, it really comes full circle and simultaneously connects to the innate sense of goodness we seek not only in others but in ourselves as well.

At an exclusive press event, she told us, "I only want to work with people who care about the world and care about the universe. Yes, skincare seems like a very superficial thing. However, all of the people I work with are really lovely, caring human beings. We're figuring out how to make beautiful products that make you look good and feel good. We're also looking out into the world and not just thinking about ourselves. Who doesn't want to have that inner glow from being a decent human being and have that outer glow from using amazing skincare products?"

However, cultivating said amazing skincare products doesn't come without difficulty, hardships, and processa term that Madonna doesn't take lightly and considers absolutely necessary for attaining anything worth chasing in life. Just as the singer didn't take shortcuts or accept get-out-of-jail-free cards on her way to the top, she certainly didn't take them when developing her newest endeavor. In short, she and her team worked hard to develop a skincare line the icon felt was worthy of what the world has to offer.

She told us, "We live in a world today where achieving fame quickly and skipping the process is what most people are consumed by. And hopefully, that will come back around—the idea of embracing the process. … We all did our work, our hard work. And that is the key to longevity and common sense, thinking outside of the box, caring about people around you, wanting to surround yourself with like-minded individuals, and always, always, always, striving to be the stupidest person in the room. We are our environment; we become our environment, so we want to be surrounded by curious, intelligent, clever, caring human beings."

Skin Should Be Soft—Especially on Your Butt

There's something about Madonna's uncanny ability to make something semi-uncomfortable (like, point-blank, the softness of the skin on our butt) totally approachable. While explaining the multipurpose nature of MDNA, the singer brought up virtually every part of her body including, yes, her derriere. Another fun fact? She also uses the products on her children, and they complain (at the dinner table, might we add) when they run out: "I use them on my children. There isn't one product I don't use on every part of my body. It's a little bit weird, I know, but I have used the Chrome Clay Mask ($220) on my butt. I rub the serum into my knees. I use the leftover goop from the eye mask on my elbows, on my forehead. I mean, the Rose Mist ($90) goes everywhere. I attack my children with it."

Not surprising, the intimate crowd of attendees was intrigued. She unabashedly continued: "Well, don't you want soft skin on your butt? I mean, don't other people look at your butt? I try [the clay mask] on all body parts. I encourage it."

It's Time We Stop Pretending We're Not Aging

There's been some backlash in the media recently in regard to aging. Now, not only is the phenomenon taboo, but so is the term. And since the philosophy behind MDNA is one that accepts and nourishes each and every skin type of all ages, shades, and textures, it was only natural to get Madonna's uncensored opinion on the issue: "Yes, I do believe we live in a very ageist society, particularly unkind towards women. I think it's ridiculous that we have to hide our age or not be able to embrace it. We have to go the other way and stop cheating and pretending."

If there's a theme to Madonna's responses, it's a rejuvenating one. Instead of fighting the clock and waging wars that we'll inevitably never win, it's about taking moments every day, in conjunction with our basic human needs, to do what our bodies (and minds) need us to. Consider it an enhancement of the utmost quality: "Just take care of yourself a little bit every day. And, and, love who you are. We're not talking about perfection and conventional standards of beauty. Take care of your skin. Take care of your insides. Take care of your outsides. It's all a part of the big package."

Take Your Skincare for a Night of Dancing

As a world-renowned performer, Madonna has plenty of requirements when it comes to her skincare and makeup routines. A previous qualm? Products that didn't play well with sweaty dance routines and unforgiving stage lights: "For me, one of the biggest problems I have is finding products, especially for my face, that I can put makeup on over and then go on stage and sweat insanely under lights while I'm also dancing and singing and people are bumping into me and my hair is going over my face."

So, true to form, she confronted the issue head-on and decided to create something from scratch. Here's the breakdown: "The serum ($150) I can use when I don't have to wear makeup, and then the moisturizer that we created, that isn't in this line currently but will be eventually, is perfect. A lot of the things that I developed were things that I personally thought were missing from my skin. I hate the feeling of being dehydrated, and I'm on planes all of the time, so when those customs people try to take my Rose Mist Spray." The singer trails off, so we assume the situation doesn't end well. Madonna laughs. Our guess? She's the one who ends up on top.

Women's Chrome Clay Mask 50ml
MDNA Skin Chrome Clay Mask $120

No matter how strict our skincare routine is, congested skin is bound to happen. From blackheads to pimples, this volcanic clay mask will clean out pores while keeping skin calm and collected with a blend of botanical extracts.

Women's The Rose Mist 150ml
MDNA Skin The Rose Mist $90

Infused with M.T. PARCA, ribose, spirulina, and revitalizing scent thanks to an expert blend of both wild and Damascus roses, this mist makes for a luscious mid-afternoon or post-flight pick-me-up.

Women's The Serum 50ml
MDNA Skin The Serum $240

If you're searching for firm, radiant skin, this serum promises to deliver. The singer told us it's one of her favorite products in the line and frankly, that's all we have to hear. Plus, the three different types of hyaluronic acid, M.T. PARCA, peptides, and antioxidants are a few of the (many) cherries on top.

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