Watch: Our Editorial Director Tries Madonna's New $600 Chrome Clay Mask

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When Madonna spoke at the press preview for her brand-new skincare line, MDNA Skin, she mentioned that she liked to use her products in nontraditional ways. One such way was applying her Chrome Mask on her butt, and then either removing it herself or having someone else remove it—she recommended everyone in the audience do the same.

I thought this was a bit weird at the time, but now that I’ve used the mask myself, I understand the need for the latter (and also the desire to slather it on every part of your body). Her Chrome Mask is certainly not the first to use the magnetic technology—where waving a wand a half-inch above your skin literally sucks the mask (and supposedly debris) up into the wand—but it is definitely the most decadent way to go about it.

The MDNA Skin Rejuvenator Set contains the mask (sold alone for $120), the dual-headed Skin Rejuvenator, and various accessories (including disposable covers for the Rejuvenator) and rings in at a not-modest $600. But would you expect any less from the queen of pop? You apply the mask to your face with a spatula-like device, wait a few minutes, and then wave the Rejuvenator over your face and watch it suck up the mask like a vacuum, leaving a dewy-veering-on-oily glow behind.

My thoughts? The experience itself is fun and almost meditative, and I certainly liked the way my skin looked after, but the overall process was just a little messier than I would prefer for something that should feel like an indulgent ritual. However, I did get compliments on my skin for days after, so that’s saying something. Also, Madonna looked so incredible up close, so whatever she’s preaching, I’ll gladly believe.

Watch the video above to see me test out the mask IRL and tell me your thoughts below.

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