I Got Madonna's Pre-Met Gala Facial, and the Products Alone Cost $1030

Other than the one time we breathed the same air, Madonna and I don’t have many things in common. She’s one of the most iconic pop music figures in history; I’m still on my ex-boyfriend’s Spotify plan. She has a facialist at her beck and call; I still wail “whyyyyyyyyy?” into the mirror every time I get the smallest sign of a breakout.

This morning, however, I felt especially connected to Madge in a way I haven’t since first singing “Like a Prayer” at karaoke when I was 12. This was due to the fact that her esthetician Tarin Graham came to our offices to give me the signature MDNA SKIN facial—the exact one she would be giving Madonna shortly before she arrived at the Met Gala red carpet just a few hours later. My skin was beat, incomplete, been had, sad, and blue, but afterward, Tarin’s hands made me feel shiny and new.

Keep scrolling to read about the facial that made my skin feel like it was touched for the very first time (I’ll stop now).