I'm Going to Tell You a Secret: Here Are Madonna's 10 Most Iconic Beauty Looks

Madonna needs no introduction. She's one of the biggest pop stars of all time, responsible for some of the world's greatest hits. Today, she turned 60, and the icon's stage presence has remained timeless. Of course, we want to know all her secrets. So, throughout the years, Team Byrdie has gotten fitness tips from her trainer (who spills how Madonna stays in shape on tour) and got the lowdown on the one makeup product she swears by. We even went so far as to find out details on the $600 magnetic product she uses on her butt and try out her pre–Met Gala facial. So yeah, Madonna has a special place in our hearts.

In celebration of her birthday, we've rounded up her most iconic beauty moments throughout history. Don't worry about picking a favorite; we know it's impossible.