Exclusive: Madonna's Morning Routine Consists of Taking These 3 Supplements

When it comes to trendsetters, Madonna reigns supreme. Though trendsetter doesn’t seem like quite the right word—it implies the individual acknowledges trends, but Madonna never has. Rather, she’s always marched ferociously to the beat of her own drum, paving the way for women to own and be empowered by their sexuality and fierceness long before it became “acceptable.” So is it any surprise that her skincare line acknowledges boundaries, then blatantly pushes past them?

Launched last year, MDNA Skin utilizes the latest cutting-edge technology from Japan to create products that deliver results—and when Madonna is the ultimate judge, you can imagine the lofty standards. Today, the brand launches a facial device called the Beauty Roller, the first-ever device of its kind to utilize infrared technology to lift and tone the skin. Madonna worked with famed NYC dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank, MD, to develop the tool, a sleek-looking device with two spheres on the end that you roll over the contours of your face to sculpt and tone. And unlike other devices on the market, you don’t need to plug it in to charge in order to utilize its benefits. 

But what exactly is infrared energy and how does it help the skin? For all intents and purposes, the roller appears to just be a fancy-looking device with two black spheres on the end. How can a device like this help the skin without utilizing visible light? Frank explains that infrared energy has actually been used therapeutically and for medicinal purposes for several years, from infrared saunas to reiki healing. “Infrared energy is just another wavelength along the spectrum, like microwaves or LED,” he explains. The type of pure carbon spheres that we developed for this home device happens to emit an extraordinary amount of infrared energy compared to other objects.”

For example, though they may just look like black spheres in person, they’ll actually melt ice cubes if you place them near them. In the same vein, if you were to wear night-vision goggles, the spheres would glow bright green. So even though the energy emitted by the device isn’t visible to the naked eye (like its buzzy cousin, LED light), it can still be incredibly powerful. “The immediate advantage of rolling these spheres along the skin is that they can improve circulation and provide tightening and lifting of tissue,” he explains. Used long-term, he promises you’ll see things like overall improved skin elasticity, circulation, and firmness.

But who better to speak about this groundbreaking product than the creator Madonna herself? I spoke with the icon to hear her take as well as discuss everything from her morning routine (it involves taking probiotics) to her advice to anyone struggling with confidence (it’s easier than you’d think). Keep scrolling for all of Madonna’s beauty and wellness secrets.

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