Macy's Is Selling Half-Priced Beauty Products, and They're Really Good

Maybe you're a staunch Sephora or Ulta devotee. Maybe department-store beauty sections freak you out, what with pushy salespeople stopping you at each counter convincing you to buy something you know deep down you'll never use. We get it completely. But hear us out: Macy's is having a major sale where top products like Benefit mascara and Tarte's new (dope) highlight-and-contour palette are a whopping 50% off. No, it's not your typical department-store beauty sale where you're rifling through discontinued shades and random hand creams—this is the type of sale you'll want to tell all your friends about (or keep to yourself, whichever). 

During the sale (which ends June 9), each day will feature two different products for half off the original price. Then, once the day is over, the products will return to their original price point, so you've got to act fast. To help you out, we're sharing our favorite deals (and their corresponding sale dates) below. Happy (half-priced) shopping!

Opening Image: Getty

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