You Can Now Buy the Diamonds From Machine Gun Kelly's $30,000 Manicure

And it's all for a good cause.

Machine Gun Kelly and his diamond manicure

Getty/Nails of LA

Machine Gun Kelly has always been one to take fashion risks, but falling in love with an emo girl really put his style in the limelight over the past few years. If you haven't been following Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox's outfits, they tend to match on the red carpet a lot. A few instances include their pink hair at the premiere of MGK's Hulu documentary, their blazers at MGK's event to celebrate his nail polish line UN/DN/LAQR (where they were chained to each other via their manicures, naturally), and their black and silver ensembles for the 2022 Billboards Awards. But their twinning wasn't the only thing that made headlines at the awards—MGK's $30,000 diamond-encrusted manicure went completely viral.

Starting today, you can actually buy the diamonds from MGK's manicure in the form of jewelry. The best part? All profits are being donated to charity.

Back in May 2022, nail artist and Nails of LA founder, Brittney Boyce, teamed up with jewelry brand Marrow Fine to create MGK's exorbitant manicure, which proved to be very divisive—some people on the internet absolutely loved the look, while others found it to be a frivolous showing of wealth. However, it was all for a good cause: Boyce and Marrow Fine linked up again to create jewelry pieces using the 880 diamonds MGK wore in his manicure for their MGK Collection, and all profits will be donated to charity. 

two rings on a display

Marrow Fine

Profits from the MGK Collection will be donated to Shaker Heights High School—where MGK attended high school himself—through the Shaker Schools Foundation, a charity based in Ohio.

"Machine Gun Kelly's red carpet moment at the Billboard Awards was such a viral moment for Marrow Fine, and I am so excited to share the final collection with the world," says the brand's founder Jillian Sasson. "The collaboration with Nails of LA and Machine Gun Kelly was an exciting opportunity, and I am thrilled it's supporting those in need here in the United States." 

If you peruse Marrow Fine's site, then you'll see that the brand chooses to add an edge to traditional fine jewelry, creating pieces like engagement rings with horizontal settings and rainbow-studded earrings. Like all of Marrow Fine's works, the 18-piece capsule MGK Collection is handcrafted in Southern California.

the full collection

Marrow Fine

The collection features four designs using 14k white, yellow, rose gold, and white or black diamonds, which are ideal for anyone looking to invest in a wedding band (or, you know, a very luxe accessory for your day-to-day life). The designs include a signet-style band with clusters of black or white diamonds, a thick band encrusted with white diamonds of varying sizes, a thick band decrated with a single row of diamonds, and a thin band perfect for minimalists with a single row of diamonds. 

While all fine jewelry pieces are investment pieces, this ring collection features diamonds that are a part of MGK's red carpet history, so it has a special glimmer that makes the pieces invaluable. The rings are available for sale exclusively at starting today, September 29, and retail from $1,950-$5,000.

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