MAC Has a Strobe Cream for the Body, and It's Every Bit Amazing as I Had Hoped

I'm a massive fan of MAC's Strobe Cream (£25), and I'm sure you are too. There are few liquid highlighters that really give skin such a natural gleam without looking too garish or space-age. I use mine basically every day—one layer over the entirety of the face under foundation, and then as a spot highlighter on cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose post-makeup too. So when the brand-new Strobe Body Lotion (£25) landed on the Byrdie beauty desk, you can be sure as hell that I offered up my limbs as the first sacrifice. And it was probably one of the best things I've done all week.

MAC Strobe Body Lotion review
MAC Strobe Body Lotion $25

It feels just as thick and nourishing as your regular body moisturiser, so you needn't layer it with anything else unless you really want to. It's laced with the same pinky, pearly particles as the original, which dapple skin with a kind of ethereal glowiness even the most extra of Instagram filters couldn't achieve. Right now it only comes in the OG Pearlite variety, but I'm hoping the others (Peachlite, Redlite, etc.) will follow in due course.

The best thing about it is that it's not as brash and as pigmented as some body bronzers, so upon first inspection, no one's going to think you've done anything much to your limbs at all. But just wait until it catches the light (be that sun, moon, candle, lamp—whatever floats your boat). It just makes skin look so healthy, sheeny and fresh, like you've just emerged from a swimming pool to discover you're actually a mermaid. It looks incredible on all skin tones too—just take a look at these shots as proof.

MAC Strobe Body Lotion review: strobe cream on fair skin
Courtesy of MAC
MAC Strobe Body Lotion review: strobe cream on warm skin
Courtesy of MAC
MAC Strobe Body Lotion review: strobe cream on dark skin
Courtesy of MAC

When I'm wearing a V-neck top or a slip dress over the summer, I plan to buff it into my collarbones and a little up the neck. On bare leg days (when and if they happen), I'll be smothering this up the front of my shins. ■

And on that note—have you heard that everyone is wearing leg makeup these days?

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