Why We Can't Stop Talking About M.A.C.'s Pressed Pigment

I’ve always been a liquid eyeliner person. Eyeshadow palettes pile up in my vanity because they’re pretty, not because they’re often used. So I’m not sure what compelled me to sweep M.A.C.’s Pressed Pigment ($21) in Deeply Dashing across my lids one day. It looked like any other shimmering brown shadow, until it came to life on my lids with shades of brown ranging from tan to ruddy red with sparkles dancing across the color. It was love at first wear and I haven’t touched my liquid liners since.

In the last month, celebrity makeup artists Lauren Andersen, Rachel Goodwin, and Molly Stern have all paused and asked, “What are you wearing on your lids?!” (Respectively they paint the lovely faces of Jessica Alba, Emma Stone, and Reese Witherspoon, so yes, I take them very, very seriously.) The pigment is subtle enough to wear alone during the day, or you can pack it on at night—with brown liner—for tons of sparkle. (And if brown isn’t your thing, it comes in almost 20 colors, from blue to pink.) If you’re thinking about buying a new product to see you through the holiday season, make it this one.