This Is Not a Drill: MAC Is Giving Away Free Lipstick This Weekend

Some brands are best known for their highlighters, others for their foundation or mascara formulas, but MAC is a brand best known for its classic, creamy lipstick. Applying the color from your first black and silver bullet is basically a right of passage in the beauty world. And whether you haven't tested one yet or you're a complete MAC addict (let's be real, the second one is more likely), you have a chance to scoop up a free tube this weekend. Yes, a completely free lipstick. Did we mention it's full-size, too?


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The company is giving away free lipstick in honor of National Lipstick Day, which is this Saturday, July 29. Simply head into any brick-and-mortar location (whether your local MAC store or a MAC retailer), and choose your free, full-size lippie. The promotion is happening in-store and in the U.S. only. It takes place all day Saturday or for as long as supplies last. We suggest heading in early in the day rather than later because we're guessing these lipsticks are going to go fast

Apparently dreams really do come true. And if there's any way we can get our hands on a free tube of Ruby Woo ($17) or Russian Red ($17), we'll take it. They are cult classics, after all. That's not to mention MAC's Liptensity lipsticks, which are ultra-pigmented matte shades created by a tetrachromat (that's a fancy word for someone who has supervision. Read all about that, here). In that case, we love Medium Rare ($21), a nude pink color, or Smoked Almond ($21), which is a peachy brown shade. Just keep in mind that the free shades will vary by each store and location, so get prepared!

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