Lush Is Donating 100% of Proceed From This Bath Bomb to Support Trans Rights

Lush, the beauty brand that single-handedly launched the world's obsession with bath bombs, brought fresh, handmade cosmetics to the mainstream, and sits like a beacon in shopping malls all over America wafting out the most clean and delicious scent, is back in the news today. Yeah, you could say we're fans of the brand. Clearly.

The brand just launched a new and exciting campaign. In the past, Lush's campaigns have centered around animal and human rights, and this one follows suit. It's called the Trans Rights Are Human Rights campaign, and it's designed to bring awareness to all the social and political discriminations that trans people still face. It's also meant to offer support through donations to specific organizations looking to secure and advance transgender rights. All you have to do to back them up is to purchase the brand's newest product, which was launched specifically for this campaign. It just hit shelves today (both in-store and online). It's a new heart-shaped bath melt, and 100% of the proceeds from each sale will be donated.