Lush's 2018 Holiday Collection Will Make All Your Foodie Dreams Come True

Lush does so many things right. It makes the very best bath bombs on the market (there's no comparison), its employees spill inside secrets that makes shopping way easier, it's a socially conscious brand that supports equal rights, and it just expanded its beauty lineup with a cool foundation. We're Lush-obsessed, rightfully so like the rest of the world, because it's one of the first brands to make handmade, all-natural, eco-friendly cosmetics mainstream. Go, Lush!

Even though this may be a bit of a reach considering we just got to fall and some of us are still holding on to the last bit of summer, we have some Lush news that will get you excited for the holidays. Lush just dropped all the products in its 2018 holiday collection and it's all too good to be true. The holiday spirit will hit you hard once you see this deliciously scented food-themed collection. Yep, imagine soaking in caramel-infused bath bombs, gingerbread bath melts, and plum pudding products. Afterward, you can spoil your skin with lotions and creams filled with festive ingredients.

Both individual products and adorable gift sets are part of the line. Disclaimer: You'll probably want everything and you have every right to treat yourself. These delectable, sweet treats will make anyone happy. The best part? With every product in the line, package-free options are available. Leave it to Lush to remain conscious during one of the most wasteful, gift packaging seasons of the year. 

Keep scrolling for your first look at a few of our favorites. These products are available on the Lush website on October 5 and in all stores on October 15.