Lush's Father's Day Collection Is So Good You'll Want It for Yourself

Year after year, the most challenging holiday by far to nail the perfect gift for is Father's Day. It seems no matter how much effort you put into a gift, dads always seem to either a) never use it, b) give an incredulous look and pass it over to your brother (if applicable), or c) toss it in a junk drawer for someone else to eventually adopt and use. Regardless of the outcome, racking your brain for a gift that isn't a new tie or gift certificate to dinner (because we already did that last year) can seem impossible. Yes, we know dads can be finicky, but this year, try giving the gift of skincare. No, really—hear us out. Lush's Father's Day collection is exactly the gift we've been looking for. It combines Lush's no-nonsense approach to beauty with beautifully packaged products that are perfect for gifting. The biggest perk? If Dad doesn't put them to use, you can always swipe them up for yourself. Keep reading to see eight products from Lush's Father's Day collection we love.

Keep reading for even more Father's Day beauty gifts you'll want to swipe for yourself.