How I'm Styling the Lug Sole Boots Trend This Season

Fall's top footwear trend is easier to wear than you think.

lug sole boots

Nicole Kliest

I never fully grasped the significance of lug soles until I moved from my hometown state of California to New York six years ago. Up until then, any sort of footwear detail was purely ornamental and not because weather necessitated it. Now that I’ve had my fair share of snowy winters, I realize how lifesaving these thick rubber soles really are (not without a few ice slip incidents along the way, of course).

But beyond utility, lug soles can be chic and lend the perfect amount of ‘chunky’ to your cold weather look—you just need to balance it with separates that negate the clunky silhouette.

In the spirit of stockpiling a few outfits I can reach for in the coming months and attempting to prove just how versatile lug sole boots can be, I put together five easy-to-wear outfits for the months ahead. Ahead, see and shop (hopefully!) your five new favorite lug sole boot outfits.

Wear Your Lug Sole Boots With: A High-Volume Dress

dress and boots

Nicole Kliest

I'm not really a jeans and ankle boots kind of person, so when the weather turns cold and I need to find something to wear with my boots, I reach for a voluminous dress. If it's especially chilly, I'll layer a thin turtleneck underneath and wear tights. Also, if you need a pair of lug sole boots to lust after, I 10/10 recommend these Proenza beauties—did someone say holiday wish list?

Wear Your Lug Sole Boots With: A Turtleneck and Midi Skirt

turtleneck and skirt

Nicole Kliest

I don't work in an office right now, but if I did this would be my staple office outfit. The turtleneck and midi skirt feel polished and professional, while the ankle boots lend practicality and a bit of edgieness.

Wear Your Lug Sole Boots With: A Cardigan and Leather Pants

leather pants

Nicole Kliest

It's all too easy to default to all-black outfits as soon as temperatures drop, which is why it's especially important to remember the power of a colorful cardigan and taupe vegan leather pants. I also love the way this color palette works with the Proenza khaki green boots.

Wear Your Lug Sole Boots With: A Mini Dress

mini dress

Nicole Kliest

This is hands-down one of my favorite dresses that I own. And even though it's white and might traditionally be reserved for spring and summer, with the addition of these tall lug sole boots from La Canadienne, it suddenly feels seasonally appropriate. I'd wear this to a holiday party with a long trench coat for getting to and from my destination.

Wear Your Lug Sole Boots With: A Button-Down and Blue Jeans

shirt and jeans

Nicole Kliest

This isn't the most revolutionary outfit, but it's got that effortless appeal that I'm always after. An oversized button-down shirt is the kind of wardrobe staple that keeps on giving, as are a pair of Levi's 501's and, of course, lug sole boots.

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