Lucy Hale Tells Us All Her Life Plans for After Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars fans, we have some very intriguing information for you. Today on Byrdie, we released an exclusive interview and photo spread with Lucy Hale. (She looks stunning, by the way—see for yourself.) In the interview, she revealed her thoughts on body confidence, her decision to quit drinking, and, most importantly, her big career plans for after PLL ends with the series finale on June 20.

After seven seasons of playing the artsy, romantic Aria Montgomery, the end of PLL is bittersweet for Hale. "I love living with a character," she tells us. "It was very sad for me to say goodbye to Aria." At the same time, Hale is dead set on distancing herself from the character, maintaining that in real life, she and Aria are not the same person, despite what the fans may think. "It's funny, especially when you're a part of a culturally popular show and people see you every week on TV, they think they know you. They think you are that person," she says.

Hale describes how sometimes fans will see her on the street and ask why she isn't with Emily, Hanna, and Spencer. "Then they're like, 'Why aren't you dating Ezra?’ and I'm like, 'Well, he has a girlfriend, and his name is Ian, and we're just friends.'" Hale says the PLL fandom is so extreme that once, an employee at Starbucks wrote "Aria" instead of Lucy on the side of her cup (which the actress didn't exactly appreciate).

There's nothing that I wouldn't try.