We Get It, Lucy Hale—Your Makeup Always Looks Amazing

Among non-beauty lovers, Lucy Hale might be best known as the striking doe-eyed beauty who played Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars. Among those who consider themselves beauty-obsessed, however, Hale is somewhat of a modern makeup mogul as well. For the record, we've already spent ample time devoted to just how much of chameleon the actress is when it comes to her ever-evolving hair as well.

Therefore, plentiful good hair days aside, we felt it was high time to compile an ode of sorts to Hale's most memorable makeup looks. From a cherry-chic red lip to burgundy-saturated lids, she and her go-to makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan consistently have us on the edge of our seats. Think we're being dramatic? Keep scrolling to see 10 of Lucy Hale's all-time best makeup moments. Our tip? Grab a pen, because you'll want to take notes.

We're having a hard time tearing our eyes away from the delicious edginess of Hale's look, appropriately dubbed Berry Eyes by celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan. While this bold and juicy shadow is the star of the show, her slicked back hair, chiseled cheekbones, and rose tinted lips balance the look perfectly.

Remember that time we held an exclusive photo shoot and interview with the actress? We had the opportunity to watch this look come to life. Her plush-pink pout and the demure flick of Brigitte Bardot–esque liner feel soft and elegant, and her wet-look hair adds a bit of spunk.

Hale is rocking the tousled hair look of our dreams. Her deep side park allows her to comb all of her short black hair to one side. Tucked behind her ears with lose whips abound, this style feels edgy yet laid back at the same time. Hale keeps her makeup classic here, with a good mascara and burgundy lip.

If you've ever been worried that you can't pull off a purple lip, look no further than Lucy Hale for inspiration. Here, she keeps her hair and makeup classic and simple, and let's this deep periwinkle shade shine, contrasting beautifully with her tangerine-colored dress and glossy red nails.

In addition to her acting chops, Hale is also (and often) applauded for her bold and beautiful arches. But when paired with one of the most striking swipes of liquid liner we've ever seen, we barely know where to concentrate our admiration. Paired with a shimmery headband, this look is the perfect mix of on-trend and classic beauty.

We're smitten with this sweet dose of monochromatic makeup magic. Creamy pink lids are blended out toward her temple for just a little bit of drama, while simultaneously mirroring her petal pink lips.

Combine the antique look of rose-gold strands, an intricate black-laced gown, and the vampiest purple-red pout, and you'll get the gothic mysticism of this medieval-like makeup look. It's one of our all-time favorites. 

Shimmering, bubblegum-tinged lids were pretty much our ultimate makeup vision from birth to middle school and perhaps the imprinted MO of our favorite Barbie doll. Hale takes our childhood dreams and makes them come true, elevating our initial hot-pink dreams and elevating them with a chic, celestial approach. It looks fresh, stunning, and entirely un-Barbie on her.

We'll never not be 100% dazzled by this glittering emerald shadow fit for a skip down the yellow brick road. This deep, mesmerizing hue is balanced with a sleek bob and nude, glossy lip (but don't think we didn't notice her statement earrings, which made us do a double take).

A slight departure from her typical prismatic hues, this still-juicy and vibrant hue of peach provides the perfect cosmetic juxtaposition against Hale's rich brunette strands. To enhance the effect, the tone is subtly reflected in her glossy nude lip. Accented with her eye-popping mascara and highlighted cheekbones, we couldn't be more obsessed with this look.

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