We Get It, Lucy Hale—Your Makeup Always Looks Amazing

Among non-beauty lovers, Lucy Hale might be best known as the striking doe-eyed beauty who played Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars. But among those who consider themselves beauty-obsessed, well, Hale is somewhat of a modern makeup mogul. For the record, we've already spent ample time devoted to just how much of chameleon the actress is when it comes to her strands as well.

Therefore, plentiful good hair days aside, we felt it was high time to compile an ode of sorts to Hale's most memorable makeup looks. From a cherry-chic red lip to burgundy-saturated lids, she and her go-to makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan constantly have us on the edge of our seats. Frankly, we're pretty addicted to that consistent anticipation. Think we're being dramatic? Keep scrolling to see 10 of Lucy Hale's all-time best makeup moments. Our tip? Grab a chair. You'll want to be sitting down for this.