Lucy Hale Just Dyed Her Hair the Darkest Shade Yet

Lucy Hale is something of a hair chameleon. This past year alone she's gone from her natural brown to a golden "brond", back to brunette roots, and then back to a lighter shade of blond. While her tresses seem to be constantly undergoing a transformation, Hale pulls off each new look with ease. The same can be said for her latest—most dramatic—new hairstyle. She's already proven she can work every length and a multitude of shades, but her latest look is darker than she's ever gone before.

Hale debuted her new 'do on Instagram last night. In the photos, she's ditched her blondish lob for a chic black bob. "I go back to blaaaaack," she captioned the first photo, crediting her go-to hairstylist Kristin Ess for the dramatic chop. The look is fresh and sophisticated, a welcome winter change from her lengthening lob that mixed highlighted blond layers with grown-in roots. We're already taking bets to see how long she'll be keeping this style, but we hope it's here to stay for a while.

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