Lucy Hale Does This One Thing to Silence All the Haters on Instagram

When an Instagram notification pops up on my phone, the first thing I feel is anxiety. I don't see a preview of what the notification is until the face recognition security lock is opened, so if I'm too busy to bring my face to my phone, I'm left nervously wondering if my current crush liked my selfie or if another one of my mom's friends just followed me. In no way will that ever compare to what celebrities like actress Lucy Hale get on a daily basis.

With her close to 20 million followers, it's hard to imagine the mass amount of notifications Hale gets—not to mention what kind. While she is able to connect with her fans, it also leaves her open to vile comments from those who like to critique every aspect of her life. But she can't really tell me what that feels like, because she doesn't see it. The secret to dealing with that type of negativity? Turn those notifications off.

"I don't have my notifications on. I truly don't read comments," she says. "I don't read everything people say [on my Instagram] because I'm still a human being with feelings." It's all about protecting yourself and creating boundaries, she explains. She also believes that you can't take it too seriously. To really deal with any sort of hater, you have to learn how to be comfortable in your own skin.

"That comes with age and experience. I wasn't always comfortable with who I was when I was younger, especially being more public than the average teenager," she says. "But now I know who I am. I'm happy with what I do. I'm happy with the life I have and the choices I'm making. That makes me stay positive."

And Instagram isn't all terrible for her. "For every rude person, there are a hundred nice people," she says.