Lucy Boynton's Award Season Beauty Is My Entire 2019 Mood

Truth be told, I've never been one for awards season. The makeup and hair are always gorgeous, sure, but more often than not, the whole thing lacks a certain playfulness. I crave whimsy and a little weird, you know? I had all but written off this year's red carpets when Lucy Boynton, an American-born English actress who starred in Bohemian Rhapsody, took over my Instagram feed. Look after artistic look she melted my cold, black heart and made tuning in fun again. Soon enough, her makeup became my entire 2019 mood and I realized I had to try them on for myself. 

Think about it this way: celebrity makeup artist Jo Baker and hairstylist Halley Brisker have done with Boynton what Bryce Scarlett and Pati Dubroff did with Margot Robbie last year—created the exciting and ever-elusive beauty darling. A red carpet icon, if you will. As such, her hair and makeup are just as arresting, if not more so, than her dress. In a twist of glorious fate, Baker, the mastermind behind Boynton's looks (and subsequently, my entire new aesthetic) posted her inspiration for each one, detailing where the ideas came from and how to recreate them. Because I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to applying and blending properly (I try, but it's usually a disaster), I enlisted our resident makeup artist, Lindsey. Below, we go through each of my four favorite looks with thoughts from Baker herself. Keep scrolling to see the photos.