12 Low-Maintenance Autumn Haircuts for Every Hair Texture

Now that the mercury is dipping and our laid-back summer schedules are filling up faster than you can say “pumpkin spice,” we’re even less motivated to spend time on our hair. That air-dried, carefree vibe we carried with us last season is definitely still prevalent, but now we want to switch things up (and still apply minimal effort). The good news is cutting your hair into the right style will set you up for the low-maintenance fall style of your dreams.

To find out which chops will take you from your pillow to your desk in as little time as possible, we consulted several celebrity stylists for their top picks. Ahead, find the best easy, breezy fall haircuts for every texture.

For Thin Hair

Jenna Dewan hair

One of the most on-trend cuts for most all hair textures is the short blunt bob, according to celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan. They’re especially flattering for thin hair, as they “make the hair appear fuller on the ends and give the illusion of thickness,” she says.

Margot Robbie Hair

“There are a lot of trends from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s resurfacing that are fun and low-maintenance for this hair type,” says celebrity stylist Bridget Brager. “You can blow out the hair, flip the ends, and polish the look with a little hairspray." Brager says this flipped ’do looks great on—what else—a blunt bob.

Marion hair

Celebrity stylist Eloise Cheung is a big fan of adding graduated layers for more dimension without taking away too much volume.

For Thick Hair

Kerry Washington hair

If you’ve got thick hair, Marjan recommends cutting some bangs into your style. “They are a great way to update any haircut and to bring life back to the face when we lose colour after summer. I love a Bardot-inspired bang that really frames the eyes and cheekbones,” she says.

To help your hair look its healthiest, Nunzio Saviano, a salon owner and stylist in NYC, recommends washing every few days since thick hair memorises style more easily. “Use dry shampoo to extend style too,” he says.

Alexa Chung hair

Marjan also recommends piece-y, ’90s-esque face-framing layers. Brager agrees, saying these allow you to highlight the features of the face that you want to show off; in other words, if you want to draw attention to your lips, have the shortest layer end along the jawline. 

Zoe Kravtiz hair

If you’re looking to thin out your hair, Cheung says a secret undercut, as seen above on Zoë Kravitz, will reduce bulk.

For Curly Hair

Sza hair

SZA has the ultimate fall haircut for curly hair: expanded curls, layers, and natural texture. Marjan also recommends adding some fringe.

Amandla Stenberg hair

“I love a retro bob for this hair type,” says Brager. “With curly hair, it’s really about putting in the time with your stylist in the chair to make your life easier outside of the chair. Talk to your stylist about experimenting with a dry cut. This allows your curls and waves to take on their own identity, and it helps your stylist determine how your curls lay in real life.”

For Stick-Straight Hair

Scarlett hair

As opposed to a blunt bob, Cheung recommends opting for a short geometric bob so you can “really see the edges and exaggerate them,” she says.

Olivia Wilde hair

Cheung says growing your hair out and playing up the straightness is also a good look.

If Your Hair Is Already Short

Shailene Woodley hair

Cheung is big into an ultra-slick gelled ’do for short hair. 

Ruby rose hair

Kevin Hughes, Moroccanoil’s artistic director, says that if you’re trying to grow out already short hair, you can leave the entire top to grow, but shorten along the sides and back. “Once the top covers the sides you can begin to grow out the sides and back,” he says.

Up next: the autumn hair colors you’re going to see everywhere this year.

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