The Surprising Reason You Have a Low Libido

If your sex life hasn't been quite as sexy lately, we feel you. This time of year brings about seasonal depression, weight gain, and work-related burnout. First things first: Take inventory of your relationship. Are you unhappy with your partner? Has your self-esteem or body image limited your desire to be intimate? Has this problem popped up in the past? Answer these questions, free of judgment. If the answer is "no" for all three, you may be suffering from a lower sex drive in connection with something else.

Board-certified integrative physician and licensed psychotherapist, Edison de Mello, MD, Ph.D., explains: "Libido and sexual arousal in women is, for the most part, grounded on intimacy involving the interaction of several components, including physical trust, emotional well-being, previous experiences, self-esteem, physical attraction, lifestyle, and her current relationship." But, your low libido may have to do with your gut health. I know, we were surprised too. Keep reading to find out why.