7 Low-Carb Snacks That Won't Have You Missing Bread

As someone who works out religiously every day because I want to feel healthy and look strong, you’d think I’d have my food game on point. But alas, I’m terrible at choosing which meals to put in my body (and just forget it when it comes to snacks; I'm a fiend for carbs). In my defense, in 1992, when the food pyramid was introduced to America by the USDA, it recommended individuals eat up to 11 servings of carbs per day (compared with three to five servings of veggies and two to four servings of fruit). It wasn't until 2005 that these ratios changed before being replaced again in 2011. Today, the USDA has stopped making food diagrams, and I think we can all agree that’s for the best.

As much as I wish the food guidelines laid out by the original food pyramid were, in fact, the best way to maintain a healthy diet, we now know that 10-11 servings of carbs per day is overkill (not to mention shocking that this notion took so long to be discarded). The pendulum has swung a bit too far in the other direction in recent years, though, and we've been fed the belief that carbs are the enemy (news flash: that isn't the case). Carbs are necessary for energy and are often full of the fiber our digestive systems need. The problem, instead, is an excess of carbs, especially in the form of pastas, breads, and cereal. So if you're a carb junkie like me looking to cut down (or following the high-protein, high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet) I turned to registered dietician and best-selling author Erin Palinski-Wade for some of her favorite low-carb snack choices.