Lo Bosworth Launched a Multivitamin That Eases Stress and PMS Symptoms

"[It's] the most complete multivitamin for women available..."

Love Wellness

 Love Wellness

The national lockdown was conducive to beginning that self-care journey we’ve been putting off for the longest. In a search for a multivitamin on the path to better health, you may have come across several brands that promise instant and gratifying results. These popular vitamins that tend to pop up on the explore page (mostly Instagram) with images of people that have bodies built by the gods. After tapping the picture to get a better look, you are almost tempted to purchase a bottle of these magical vitamins in hopes of accomplishing the same outcome. According to the health brand, Love Wellness, we shouldn’t be fooled by what we see. 

“All vitamins are not created equal,” says Dr. Jodie Horton, Chief Wellness Advisor for Love Wellness. “Why would you take a vitamin that doesn't replace the most common vitamin deficiencies? Most vitamins like vitamin C and B-vitamins are not made or stored by our bodies, and need to be replenished with supplements every day.” 

Kylene Bogden, RD has an even stronger opinion of the vitamins that are sold on social media. “Many vitamins and minerals on the market are a total scam, especially the cool-looking clear capsules that are packaged so beautifully,” she tells Byrdie exclusively. 

Don't even get her started on those Instagrammable gummies you love so much. “There are two major reasons why gummy vitamins are not ideal,” Kylene continues.

“One is that they always contain added sugar and many times added chemicals, binders, and artificial coloring as well. The other is that it is simply not possible to compile all the necessary nutrients into a gummy or chewable. Quantity is always compromised, and quality usually follows suit.”

Lo Bosworth, founder, and CEO of Love Wellness wants to put an end to the empty promises that come from the trending brands. Love Wellness' mission is to create clean, high-quality products that do more for women than the products being forced on our timelines.

“An important brand pillar at Love Wellness is to give women products made to be better, healthier, and more effective than what's already out there,” she explains to Byrdie. “From deceptive marketing messaging that ‘less is more’, to incomplete nutritional profiles, and products made with sugar and chemicals, we quickly realized that women were still getting the short end of the stick when it comes to multivitamins.” 

According to Bosworth, when Love Wellness started researching multivitamins, the brand learned a lot about the product category and discovered that most of the products on the market for women were not what they advertised. “We took what we learned to make Daily Love, the most complete multivitamin for women available that's made with more, and does more too,” Bosworth explained. 

Love Wellness
Love Wellness Daily Love Multivitamin + Free XOmegas $34.99

Love Wellness proclaims their Daily Love Multivitamins as the only daily supplement that contains 25+ vitamins and minerals for baseline nutritional needs. Besides their nutritional value, Daily Love Multivitamins helps to reduce the stress hormone with organic ashwagandha and relieves premenstrual symptoms, discomfort, and acne with Chasteberry. 

So before you decide to buy those cool capsules that guarantee results, do plenty of research and consult your physician.

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