Meet LOUM: The Clean Beauty Line That Wants to De-Stress Your Skin

It's proven by science.




LOUM was introduced to me as yet another new “revolutionary” clean skincare brand, but its tagline “Beauty of Calm” is what caught my attention. I don’t know about you, but lately, nothing about my skincare routine exudes calm. I’m usually rushing to get ready with a bunch of products splashed across my bathroom sink, and even my more indulgent Sunday self-care routine requires so many steps that I can feel more frazzled than when I started. So, I was intrigued by a line that promises to make my beauty routine less stressful by actively de-stressing my skin.    

LOUM has these main selling points—it's vegan and cruelty-free, infused with organic broad-spectrum CBD, and triple lab-tested with loads of science to uniquely address and treat the effects of stress on the skin. The range includes three different systems to effectively do so: Nourish & Soothe for dryness, redness, and sensitivity; Rebalance & Restore for loss of balance and breakouts; and Repair & Rewind for premature aging. LOUM was developed by a leading Psycho-Dermatologist Francisco Tausk, who has dedicated his career to studying the effects of stress on the skin. And did I mention Daphne Oz is a co-owner?

“Each individual product is rich in our Tri∙Serene complex, which combines three of nature's most powerful stress relievers—Marine Micro-Algae, Broad Spectrum CBD and Wild Indigo extract—to undo the effects of stress on skin, so you can keep your routine as streamlined or luxurious as possible,” says Oz about what separates LOUM from the rest of your skincare lineup.

In fact, Tri∙Serene is the first skin-calming complex combining active natural ingredients scientifically-tested to dial down stress across pathways. Stress is proven to cause spikes in cortisol levels, which can lead to skin inflammation and breakouts, and LOUM is here to de-stress your skin in the most streamlined way possible. Usually, the good-for-you face stuff involves “mixing potions and lotions” as Oz would say, but LOUM makes it all simple and soothing-smelling. “I don’t want to smell weird, I don’t want to feel like I’m rubbing granola on my face, and I don’t want to feel like I have to sacrifice looking my best to avoid harsh chemicals and disruptive toxins,” Oz says.

I don’t want to feel like I have to sacrifice looking my best to avoid harsh chemicals and disruptive toxins.

With four kids at home and a couple of jobs, Oz swears by the high-impact and soothing products. So, which product does she consider the holy grail product from LOUM? That would be the Pure Serenity Golden C Serum ($90) from the Repair & Rewind collection. She reminds folks that not all vitamin C is created equal and that LOUM's Pure Serenity is “stabilized with submicrometric gold particles that keep it potent, allowing it to penetrate effectively within the skin and deliver maximized results." She also notes that the serum is made with a peptide complex “clinically proven to rejuvenate, firm, and significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on skin."

LOUM Pure Serenity Golden C Serum $90.00

She insists that LOUM’s products take only seconds to apply and that you don’t necessarily need an entire collection—each collection only has two to three products—to reap the benefits, although she recommends combining Pure Serenity with the Awaken Glow Elixir Oil ($72) at night to up the morning glow factor. As the self-proclaimed multi-tasker that she is, LOUM’s Chief Louminary de-stresses by reading to her kids or having a family movie night. “I have been known to sport my Tranquil Radiance Nutrient Mask ($72) while doing this, too—it’s amazing because it delivers nutrition deep into the skin and stays plush and hydrating the whole time, no drying or flaking away,” she says. The foodie also indulges in the usual treats like salty dark chocolate, wine, and tequila to calm down after a long day. And if you were wondering if her dad and everyone’s favorite TV doctor, Dr. Oz weighed in on LOUM, she says this: “Funnily enough, the piece of advice I got from my dad when I first became pregnant and was anxious like so many new mothers are, is that stress is our worst enemy. It’s unrealistic to think you’ll ever entirely get rid of stress, so it’s up to each of us to figure out how to effectively manage it...Manageable rituals of self-care let your body and mind know you prioritize them so they can work even harder for you. In summary, self-care isn't selfish.”

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