40 Lotus Flower Tattoos To Help You Find Your Zen

Lotus flowers can symbolize peace, purity, and spiritual awakening.

woman with lotus flower tattoo on arm
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Lotus flowers symbolize a number of different things, making them unique and extremely personal tattoos. In general, the flower is believed to represent rising above temptation and becoming a better person. In Hindu belief, lotus flowers are referred to as Padma and symbolize beauty and purity, as well as spiritual awakening. The many colors of lotus flowers also have their own meanings. White flowers represent enlightenment, purity, and perfection; blue flowers are a symbol of knowledge; purple lotus flowers stand for the mysticism of spirituality; and the red lotus represents love, compassion, and emotions.

If you want a beautiful tattoo that symbolizes something important to you — whether love or enlightenment — a lotus flower is sure to be the perfect choice. Here are 40 lotus flower tattoo ideas for your next meaningful ink.

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Spine Lotus Flower Tattoo

Spine tattoos are a great idea for lotus flowers, as they allow you to add a lot of delicate detailing.

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Red Lotus Flower Tattoo

Getting a small lotus flower on your inner wrist makes it feel intimate while still being able to show it off. Red ink is a great alternative to basic black if you’re looking to make your tattoo pop.

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Realistic Lotus Flower Tattoo

This lotus tattoo was done in a realistic style, aided by the gradual shading and close details (like the stamens in the middle). The black outlines stand in contrast to the shading, and the petals are drawn in a way that suggests movement.

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Moon And Lotus Flower Tattoo

If you want to make your lotus flower tattoo really feel personalized, add different elements to customize it. This one has a moon above the design, a geometric background, and circle detailing.

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Dotted Lotus Flower Tattoo

This tattoo takes the basic lotus tattoo and adds a bit of simple flair to make it seem like a more intricate design. The flower is highlighted as the center of the ink, but the decoration makes it feel more designed.

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Wrist Lotus Flower Tattoo

A wrist tattoo tends to be something meaningful and custom, so it’s the perfect spot if the lotus flower is special to you! Adding a personal touch with a phrase or a word you love.

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Ankle Lotus Flower Tattoo

This tattoo is a minimal design, but the tapered and delicately rounded petals make it feel realistic. The simplicity of the outline makes it pop, and its placement above the ankle would stand out with pants.

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Finger Lotus Flower Tattoo

Prefer a smaller reminder of a lotus flower? This finger tattoo is simple enough not to overwhelm the small space but bold enough to be interesting.

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Stemmed Lotus Flower Tattoo

A lotus flower doesn’t have to stand alone! Utilize negative space in your design by adding a long and slender stem (and a small leaf, if you’d like) — the contrast will instantly make your tattoo feel dainty.

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Simple Sternum Lotus Flower Tattoo

If a sternum tattoo is what you want but you don’t want anything too ornate, focus more on the technical details of the flower itself. Here, dot shading and the overlapping petals give the design dimension.

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Hindu Lotus Flower Tattoo

This lotus flower design mimics a Hindu design style with the arch of dots and the shape of the petals. This makes sense, considering the lotus flower is related to a number of gods in Hinduism, so it’s religiously significant.

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Quote And Lotus Flower Tattoo

Personalize your lotus flower tattoo by incorporating a long phrase or quote that you love into the stem design of the flower. The muted color of the flower and the cursive font make this tattoo feel feminine.

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Elemental Lotus Flower Tattoo

Align your lotus flower tattoo with the elements by getting their geometric symbols inked around the flora. By keeping the design basic and using the same line thickness for every part of the design, the tattoo feels minimal and chic.

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Buddha And Lotus Flower Tattoo

The lotus flower isn’t just a beautiful thing to look at; in Buddhism, it holds significance as a symbol of purity and beauty. Connect the flower and the religion by getting a small Buddha tattooed right next to the flora.

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Rib Lotus Flower Tattoo

Getting a tattoo on the side of your ribs allows you to get a design that’s long and thin, like this lotus flower design. The dots and teardrops give the illusion of jewels, and the curly line decorations give it a feminine vibe.

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Large Sternum Lotus Flower Tattoo

A sternum tattoo is a big commitment, so keep it simple by getting a large lotus flower with minimal detailing. Here, the dots around the outer line of the design and the dot detailing in the petals keep it interesting, while the multiple outlines create a good amount of negative space.

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Dainty Lotus Flower Tattoo

A minimal lotus flower on your inner wrist feels dainty and intimate because of placement. The simple outline and extra dot detailing make a basic design feel chic.

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Petals Lotus Flower Tattoo

A lotus flower tattoo doesn’t have to look exactly like a normal lotus flower. Here, the artist takes some creative liberty with the design, using the basic shapes of the petals, but keeping the lines disconnected and adding shading.

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Thin-Lined Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus flower tattoos can be full of detail, like this design. Although the outlines are thin and light—as if they were drawn with a pencil—the differing opaqueness and petal detailing makes this ink feel realistic.

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Dotted Arch Lotus Flower Tattoo

Add some detail to an otherwise simple lotus flower tattoo with an arch of dots above the design. It adds a bit of interest to simple lines and makes for ink that feels more minimal than basic.

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Fingernail Lotus Flower Tattoo

Love the idea of tattoos but want something a little less permanent? This little lotus flower tattoo was inked directly onto the fingernail. It’s an almost painless process and grows out with your nail!

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Behind The Ear Lotus Flower Tattoo

For behind the ear lotus flower tattoos, keep detailing to a minimum to ensure a clean tattoo in such a small space. Here, the design leaves a fair amount of negative space to not feel crowded.

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3D Lotus Flower Tattoo

Give your lotus flower tattoo a realistic look with thin line detailing on the petals and the addition of stamen in the center of the design. The contrasting darkness of different areas also gives the illusion of light on the 2D ink.

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Symbolic Lotus Flower Tattoo

If a lotus flower holds some special meaning for you, why not symbolize it? This tattoo transitions the flower to a bird, but any animal or symbol can be used in its place.

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Back Of The Arm Lotus Flower Tattoo

A lotus flower tattoo on the back of the arm is meant to be seen outwardly by the world, rather than by the person getting the ink, emphasizing its importance to everyone. The overlapping lines and dots add elements of design.

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Armband Lotus Flower Tattoo

Instead of a simple flower, why not incorporate the lotus flower into an armband of sorts? This design utilizes the full width of the forearm, making it seem like part of the body. The mirroring of the lotus flower makes it feel balanced as well.

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Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoo

Add color to a lotus flower tattoo with a watercolor effect. This design uses a number of colors, but the light hues and simple black outlining keeps it from looking overwhelmed.

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Multi-Shade Lotus Flower Tattoo

If you’d rather add a singular color, opt to get outlines done in a darker shade of the hue, rather than black. This makes it feel more artistic, as does the additional shading on the petals and below the flower.

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Blackwork Lotus Flower Tattoo

Want a blackwork lotus flower, but don’t want it to look simple? This ink adds inner lines, light shading, and varying thickness of outlines to give whimsical detail to the design.

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Colorful Lotus Flower Tattoo

Just because a tattoo is colored in doesn’t mean it can’t have dimension! By using different shades of the same hue, the flower gains a realistic sense of light and dark, shape, and shape.

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Cartoonish Lotus Flower Tattoo

A small tattoo with a bold black outline and lighter color tends to pop because of its bold appearance. The gradient from dark to light blue gives it a cartoonish but fun effect.

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Whimsical Sternum Lotus Flower Tattoo

Add a bit of whimsy to a sternum lotus flower tattoo with swirling details and thick dot shading. The flower feels more cartoony than realistic, and the location makes it intimate.

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Heavy Blackwork Lotus Flower Tattoo

If you’re a fan of blackwork, this lotus flower design is the perfect example of how to implement it without overwhelming the delicate flower. By shading with lines of varying darkness and creating areas of heavy black, the flower gains a bold appearance.

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Geometric Lotus Flower Tattoo

This lotus flower design takes the flora and breaks it down to its simplest shapes. By creating the flower out of a number of petal-shaped elements that show their intersection, a geometric element is added to the minimal design.

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Overlapping Lotus Flower Tattoo

Keep your ink simple by using a simple outline design that overlaps to feel more drawn than realistic. The dot shading, dot detailing, and slightly curved petals make it feel like something more than a basic outline, though.

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Large Lotus Flower Tattoo

A simple lotus flower tattoo doesn’t have to be small and dainty. This design spreads the petals out and was inked quite large, playing with the contrast against the skin.

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Multi-Style Lotus Flower Tattoo

Add some angles to your lotus flower by going with a geometric design. Although the petals are inked in their classic shape with a watercolor effect, the lines over top create the basic shapes of the design.

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Linework Lotus Flower Tattoo

If you’re a fan of linework, celebrate the beauty of black lines on skin with this minimal sternum tattoo. Although the lotus flower is centered, it's the geometric patterns that draw your eye in this design.

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Delicate Lotus Flower Tattoo

By using very thin outlines, this lotus flower tattoo appears delicate, as if touching the ink would crumple the design. The thick petals contrast against the thin stem, emphasizing the femininity of the tattoo as well.

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Abstract Lotus Flower Tattoo

Just because the design is of a lotus flower doesn’t mean it has to look realistic! This ink takes the general shape of the flora and translates it into abstract squiggles. The slight white detailing makes it pop and defines the sketch-like vibe of the tattoo.

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