The Under-$8 Wonder Concealer You've Never Heard Of

There are few things more valuable than a foolproof concealer—and when it's wallet-friendly to boot, that's basically lightning in a bottle. Our UK editors can't get enough of this little-known concealer, and since it's also available to purchase in the U.S., we felt compelled to share. Read on and add to cart!

In my opinion, there is only one thing you need concealer to do, and that's cover up imperfections. While foundation is something you might turn to when you need to even out skin tone or just want an overall polished look, concealer blots out the red patches, blemishes, and dark circles that need a bit more attention. It's for that reason you need a concealer to be a fairly thick consistency. Otherwise, quite frankly, what's the point?

Now, there are many on the market in the late-teen prices, all of which work incredibly well (see our comprehensive guide to the best concealers for more), but sometimes a cheaper product comes along that's just as good as the other, more expensive ones. Case in point: Makeup brand Lottie, well known for its brushes, has created a concealer that will cover any blemish and is especially great at magically making your dark circles disappear. Keep scrolling to read our full review.