Let's Settle This: Does Body Oil Work Better Than Body Lotion?


Urban Outfitters

Before we dive into the lotion versus oil debate, I feel compelled to preface my findings with a disclaimer: For the past several years, I have been staunchly Team Oil. As a longtime sufferer of keratosis pilaris—also delicately referred to as "chicken bump skin"—I have personally found that body oil (and in some cases, hair oil) has faded the redness and unsightly texture of this condition far more than any lotion I've tried. I slather myself immediately after stepping out of the shower, et voilà—I'm (relatively) bump-free.

But I'm not the only one who has a strong opinion in this arena: A quick polling of my Byrdie teammates proved that they're very passionate about their oils, whereas my friends prefer the creamy texture of lotion. So I had to put the call out to the experts to settle this once and for all: In the case of lotion versus oil, what's the verdict for soft, healthy, supple skin?