How I Lost 40 Pounds After My Pregnancy, by Chriselle Lim

These days, being a multihyphenate is practically a requirement for running a successful blog, but Chriselle Lim, creator of The Chriselle Factor, was one of the first. Stylist, trendsetter, outfit-inspirer… and now a new mom, lifestyle icon, and beauty authority (you may have seen her recent videos with Estée Lauder), Lim is an influencer in the ultimate sense of the word—which is exactly why we’re thrilled to announce her as a Byrdie contributor! Each month, she’ll be sharing all of her beauty favorites—from the best beauty tips she picked up on her travels (and trust us, there’s a lot) to the new products she’s currently coveting. For this month's column, she's sharing her post-pregnancy health and fitness journey. Enjoy!

One of the most common questions I get as of late is “How did you lose all of your baby weight?” For those of you who may not know, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Chloe Victoria Chen, about a year ago. I still can’t believe that a year has come and gone since I gave birth! I gained a total of 40 pounds during my pregnancy, and today I wanted to share with you exactly what I did to shed all that baby weight. Please keep in mind that everyone’s body is different (especially after giving birth), and this is just my own personal experience. It took me about nine months to fully lose all of the weight and get back into shape, but I am proud to say that I have never felt healthier and more fit in my life! The first three months after giving birth, I still looked like I was six months pregnant, but then I started to slowly see changes in my body after month four. I think the most important factor to remember is that it takes TIME; you have to be patient and consistent. Keep scrolling for seven things I consistently did for the past year to get my body where it is now.

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Karen Rosalie

1. Steamed Detox Smoothie

I was lucky enough to have my mom come down and stay with me for a whole month after I gave birth. She introduced me to this detox smoothie (supposedly it was all the rage in Korea) and forced me to drink a cup every morning. This smoothie not only helped me shed my baby weight, it also gave me a healthy glow during my postpartum period. The main difference between this smoothie and any other smoothie is that instead of throwing all the ingredients in the blender, you are supposed to boil them all first. There are many benefits to boiling the ingredients as opposed to just blending them raw. You can get the full recipe here.

Karen Rosalie

2. Postpartum Corset

I lived in a postpartum corset for the first six months, and it was possibly the most uncomfortable thing ever. I wore it around the house, when I was working, and even while I was sleeping. I didn't necessarily lose weight from wearing it, but the structure of the corset helped with the tightening of my stomach muscles and the positioning of my slightly widened bone structure.

Karen Rosalie

3. Breastfeeding

I never believed that I could lose weight from breastfeeding, but after month six, I really started to see it! Supposedly breastfeeding burns around 850 calories a day! (You can read more about my breastfeeding experience and journey on my blog.)

Karen Rosalie

4. Working Out

After six months of recovering, I started to work out consistently again. I started with Pilates twice a week and then picked up boxing along the way. Now, I alternate between Pilates and boxing every week, and I feel like I’m getting the maximum results with both. I’ve seen amazing changes in my body since I’ve picked up boxing! It’s also incredibly therapeutic and fun to do!


5. Family Walks

The first six months, I took it easy on my body and didn’t work out much. Instead of working out, my husband, Allen, and I took Chloe on walks around our neighborhood. It was a great way for Chloe to get her daily dose of vitamin C, and it was also great for bonding. Pushing a baby uphill in a stroller was actually harder than I thought it would be! I did that for six months, and it was an incredible workout without really having to try.

Karen Rosalie

6. Korean Seaweed Soup

This is called mi-yuk-gook in Korean, which translates to seaweed soup. This traditional soup has a lot of great benefits. Seaweed soup is packed with nutrients and health benefits, and it is particularly great for postpartum recovery. The seaweed resupplies the body with essential minerals and vitamins that were lost during the birthing process. Kelp is very rich in soluble fiber, which promotes weight loss and digestion. And it’s also incredibly delicious!

Karen Rosalie

7. Kombucha

If you follow me on Snapchat (username: @chrisellelim) you know that I’m a kombucha junkie, and I’ve been drinking it for three straight years (minus the time I was breastfeeding). It’s the first thing I drink in the morning as it’s packed with B vitamins and probiotics! There are so many benefits to kombucha: It aids in weight loss, increases your energy, speeds up digestion, and helps detoxify the body.

It's important to remember that it's not just doing one of these tips: I did all of them consistently. Weight loss is not just a simple quick-fix solution, it's a lifestyle, and it takes commitment and dedication!

To get more fitness tips and to find out Chriselle's fitness routine, head on over here.

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