Lori Harvey's MUA Nadia Tayeh Shared Her Secret to Photo-Ready Skin

Including how to get a seamless contour.

Nadia Tayeh


Lori Harvey. Emma Chamberlain. Bella Hadid. These are just a few women who makeup artist Nadia Tayeh considers clients and friends. Tayeh paints some of the coolest faces in the fashion industry and has gained a following for her signature blend of photo-ready skin and sculpted eyes. Prior to working with celebrities, she spent over 16 years working backstage at fashion week, and it shows—each of her looks has all those special editorial details that just can't be learned on Instagram.

Considering her expertise in soft-finish skin and sculpted contour, it makes sense that I met Tayeh at the launch of the new Makeup Revolution IRL Filter Finish Concealer ($7), where she shared all her best complexion secrets and more. Ahead, the best makeup tips I picked up from Nadia Tayeh.

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The Makeup Trend She Predicts Will Be Huge This Summer

Bella Hadid wearing '90s makeup


“I think we will see a resurgence of the '90s into Y2K, but a more modern take on it this spring. So think soft matte skin, thinner shaped brows, soft matte browns to taupe eyeshadows, and even grunge-inspired eyes. I think we will also see that early Y2K inspo with light metallic eyeshadows and a pop of color on the lashes using colored mascaras."

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Don't Be Afraid of Powder

Karrueche with makeup by Nadia Tayeh


"Personally, for me and my clients, I prefer to set or lightly bake using a compact or translucent powder where needed. Setting or baking really depends on one’s skin, and I like to apply it mainly under the eyes and center of the face, where one would normally get more oily throughout the day. That is what really keeps your makeup on all day long!"

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The Secret to Winged Liner

Jodie Smith with makeup by Nadia Tayeh


"Winged liner is one of my favorite things to do. Tools are important for this. Personally, I love a super thin angled eyeliner brush. To me, that helps create your wing the easiest for you because of its shape, especially if you struggle with a steady hand. You also want to take a step back from the mirror to really ensure both liners are even instead of honing in so closely on one eye."

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A Look That Works For Everyone

Sofia Richie with makeup by Nadia Tayeh


"Fresh-faced glam is really a look that works for everyone. You can do this by creating flawless skin, using good mascara to open up the eyes, and using a multi-use color for cheeks/lips. I achieve this by using my favorite Makeup Revolution IRL Filter Finish Concealer, which instantly blurs the skin and gives great coverage but still feels like skin. And that’s what’s most important to me and my clients.

"If there’s a day to miss eyeshadows or liner, it’s completely fine when you open up the eyes with a really good mascara. My go-to is the Makeup Revolution 5D Whip Lift Mascara ($10) which adds a dramatic lift and volume to your lashes. [It] gives you the little drama you need without all the extra steps of an eye look. And then adding a pop of color, using a multi-use cream or balm like Makeup Revolution Balm Glow ($12) on your cheeks and lips to complete that fresh and youthful look.”

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How to Refresh Your Makeup

Imaan Hammam with makeup by Nadia Tayeh


"Honestly, it's product. I've been really impressed with this [IRL Filter Finish Concealer]. You don't really have to do anything but apply this, and it blurs, even over foundation or powder. But normally, you can do a refresher spray, and then wait a minute or two, and then go in with a concealer where I need it.

"A hydrating concealer is better for touching up because when you're trying to do something that's too matte, that's when it starts to cake up. This is a matte [concealer], but because of the hyaluronic acid [in the formula], it's able to hydrate and smooth."

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Contour Upwards

Emma Chamberlain with makeup by Nadia Tayeh


"[Place your contour] where you feel [your cheekbone] and then bring it [up] just into the apple. You want to keep the contour high. You don't want to go too low. Keep those cheekbones high, girl! So create that shape, and blend up. You don't have to be heavy-handed. Let the brush do the work.

"And if you ever go too low, get a concealer that's your foundation shade, and then clean up. And then blend it up so it's not so sharp looking. Then, go back over with a little blush in-between [the contour and concealer], and it looks so seamless."

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