Bye, Harsh Exfoliators—Hello, Baby-Soft Skin

Updated 03/20/18
Product Disclosure

There’s nothing like the feeling of freshly exfoliated skin. Gone are the dullness and roughness that once vexed our visages—we’re left with a brighter, smoother complexion that’s the ideal canvas for whatever moisturizers and makeup we layer on afterward. The one issue? Some exfoliating scrubs can be a bit too gritty and harsh for our liking. Which is why we’re thrilled about L’Oréal Paris’s new Pure-Sugar scrub line, a softer, gentler alternative that doesn’t leave skin looking red and raw. (Pretty sweet deal, if you ask us.)

Made with a blend of three fine 100% naturally derived exfoliating sugars that dissolve when you apply them with wet fingers, the scrubs exfoliate gently but thoroughly, leaving skin feeling baby-soft. Plus, they’re multipurpose, so you can also use them on your lips to slough away chapped skin as you exfoliate your way to a shiny new complexion.  And best of all, there’s a different formula for every skin type—keep reading to meet your match.


Made with kiwi seeds to purify and unclog pores, this is the one you’ll want if you’re looking to keep oiliness under control. Like the rest of the formulas, this pick uses naturally derived sugars that dissolve when you apply them with wet fingers, leaving skin feeling baby-soft.


Our roughed-up winter skin is loving the dry-skin formula—the blend of cocoa butter and coconut oil is exactly what we’ve been looking for. We also love that the Pure Sugar line is so versatile: All of the scrubs can be used on the lips to slough away chapped skin.


If dullness is your chief skincare concern, you can’t go wrong with this complexion-refining formula. Grapeseed oil, monoi oil, and açaí work to brighten and refresh tired, winter-worn skin without inducing tightness or dryness—gentle and effective.

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