Guess Which Style Blogger Just Got Named as a L’Oréal Spokesperson

L’Oréal Paris arguably has some of the most gorgeous faces in Hollywood promoting its iconic line. From Julianne Moore to Blake Lively, Naomi Watts, Karlie Kloss, Jennifer Lopez—oh, and let’s not forget Beyoncé—the brand is known for its beautiful faces and quality products at accessible prices. But now, the cosmetics giant is enlisting a new kind of talent to front its campaigns: bloggers. The first digital lady to join the L’Oréal family? Kristina Bazan of Kayture. The successful 21-year-old style blogger, with over two million Instagram followers, has been tapped as the newest e-spokeswoman of L’Oréal Paris, which makes her the first member of the blogosphere to join the cosmetics company. Of the new opportunity, Bazan explained, “My wish is to use this new voice, this new amazing role as a spokesperson to spread a positive message about beauty and make all women around the world feel and know that they are all worth it.” Bazan will work with the brand to create exclusive digital content as well as “share a positive message about beauty and encourage everyone to trust in their self-worth.” If the brand believes she’s #worthit, we’d say this is a campaign to watch. [People StyleWatch]

Looking to detoxify your makeup bag? L.A.’s The Detox Market has your back. On Saturday, October 24, the beauty emporium will host “Detox Your Beauty Routine” at its Los Angeles store, gathering founders of three iconic natural-beauty brands to educate clients on how to clean up their beauty routines. Valérie Grandury of Odacité will be on hand to offer mini facials, Fabian Lliguin of Rahua will provide hair consultations, and Shirley Pinkson of W3ll People will do makeup applications. The event will run from 12 to 4 p.m., and with tremendous expertise spanning three different categories of clean and conscious beauty, these green beauty gurus will offer guests great insight into overhauling one’s beauty routine to remove harmful chemicals and toxins so that they can look and feel their best, inside and out! [The Detox Market]

The greatest thing about a trend is that you can stop doing it the second you feel like you are over it—like the moment you realize you’ve been staring at your own stiletto nails for way too long. Even though we still have a few months left to go in 2015, SheFinds found eight beauty trends that are starting to fade away as we welcome fall, and some of them might surprise you. While we aren’t sad to see the aforementioned stiletto nails, unnatural highlights, and drastic ombré on their way out, we were surprised to see SheFinds call out classic red lips and unnatural lashes. Are you ready to change up those items in your routine as well? We suggest replacing bright red lips with a berry hue, like Vincent Longo’s Demi Matte Velour Lipstick ($23) in Gioelle Berry, and take it easy on your lashes with a simple coat of Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara ($17). [SheFinds]

So it’s time for a new hair dryer, and you’ve done your homework on which stylist-recommended tool to get. But are you one of those people who freeze in terror the moment they tear open the box of their new hair dryer and see all the attachments that come with it? If so, you can exhale, as PureWow has put together a handy guide on what each attachment does and makes a strong case for why you shouldn’t just throw them in the drawer and ignore them forever. Looking to really define your curls or add volume? They’ve got you covered. [PureWow]

Is the classic French manicure making a comeback? Before you panic, remembering the thick, acrylic-tipped look you wore to senior prom, hear us out. InStyle spoke with manicurist Julie Kandalec, who confirmed that the trend was experiencing somewhat of renaissance, but with a softer, less-obvious appearance. Spotted at the Altuzarra’s fall show in February, the classic nail look was back, but it was without a distinct, white, noticeable tip. According to Kandalec, the look was created with just one coat of Essie's Adore-a-Ball ($9), which is pretty sheer. We also like Yves Saint Laurent Beauty La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer ($27) in Rose Abstrait, and Kandalec recommends using just one coat and working with your natural nail shape instead of adding extensions or tips, to get a more natural look. What’s French for “we’re willing to give it a try”? [InStyle]

The ritual of applying makeup has been around for centuries. But products, techniques, and trends seem to change by the nanosecond. Lucky for us, is keeping up with the ever-evolving preferences of beauty and has put together its Ultimate Makeup Tutorial. Chock-full of the best makeup tips, tricks, styles, and techniques, this complete guide has the answers to all your makeup questions in one place. Looking for practical makeup advice for everyday use? This will help you master your office look. Searching for the right way to apply lipstick or figure out the perfect shade for your skin tone? This will help you achieve a prettier pout. Trust us—it’s worth a look. []

If your makeup is giving you migraines, then you are all too familiar with what we are about to tell you. According to Huffington Post, it can be difficult for migraine sufferers (18% of women and 6% of men, according to the Migraine Research Foundation) to describe the painful severity of a migraine to those who have never experienced one. Are you struggling to describe this excruciating experience to your boss or loved ones? Look no further, as Huffington Post has created some pretty intense illustrations to explain the pain and agony these debilitating headaches can induce. These should help get your point across and get you out of that family dinner you absolutely can’t manage to sit through. [Huffington Post]

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