Reviewed: Lorac Light Source Illuminating Highlighter

Behold: Lorac’s latest gift to the world of beauty (and in general), the Light Source Illuminating Highlighter ($22). Upon first receiving this product, truthfully, I thought to myself, Okay, cool. A new highlighter. I’ve tried so many different formulas in recent months—cream, powder, stick, etc.—and have found some new gems, but nothing that I’d feel particularly inclined to write home about. But after swatching this highlighter on the back of my hand (as I often do with a new product), I got my pen, paper, and postage stamp ready. Friends, this product is the real deal.

I’ve always been impressed by Champagne Pop. It glows like an orb in photos and has the kind of pigment you’d find in stage makeup, without looking too overdone. While I hadn’t found a product that could live up to its sheen and longevity, Lorac’s newest offering might just give the cult favorite a run for its money. It also comes in four different shades for varying undertones (a gold hue isn’t going to look great on everyone).

What I loved most about this powder is that while it’s super pigmented, I could still lightly dust it on my face with a fan brush without looking like a character from Twilight. It was actually just the right amount of luminescence on my fair skin. Long story short, I highly recommend giving this incredible product a try and can’t wait to hear your take on its impressive pigmentation. Now go pick up a compact before they’re sold out, and glow on with your bad self.

Have you given this highlighter a try yet? Tell me what you think below!

Opening Image: Lindsey Metrus