Loop Braids Are the Easiest, Celeb-Approved Fall Hair Trend

Barbie Ferreira and Chloe Bailey are fans.

woman with looped braids


The rise of aesthetics like cotttagecore, Barbiecore, and princesscore have turned the simple act of getting dressed into a the philosophical question of "Who am I?" With the seemingly infinite array of niche trends popping up on Tiktok, adhering to one specific look feels pretty much impossible. After all, personal style is ever changing and rarely fits into one neatly titled box. One morning, you might feel like dressing in a white linen dress for a quick dabble into a cottage-chic look, only to switch into a club-friendly dark and moody mesh dress mere hours later.

One easy way to dip your toes into the flavor of the week (without a hefty price tag or your full commitment) is by sticking to accessories and beauty looks when you're experimenting with new vibes. Our latest obsession? Loop braids, which pair with any outfit, are surprisingly versatile, looking just as good with jeans and a t-shirt as a ruffled maxi skirt.

Below, we dive into the celeb-loved loop braid trend.

 What Are Loop Braids?

Loop braids look a lot how they sound, in that a portion of the braid (whether it's the end or the mid-section) is secured back to the root of the braid, creating a loop. Depending on how you style them they can be sleek and avant-garde, or a classic look worthy of iconic American Girl doll, Kirstin.

To get the look, just slick your hair back to form two pigtails and secure them with hair ties. After that, braid the pigtails with your favorite weaving pattern—classic or fishtail—then secure the braids with a small elastic. Finally, use bobby pins or another hair tie to secure the ends or middle portion of the braid to meet the root of the braid to form a loop. Et, voila, you now have loop braids.  

How to Wear Loop Braids

Bella Hadid wearing a tie and loop braids


Bella Hadid is the latest celeb to wear the style. At Burberry's afterparty in London the model opted for an ultra-slick version without a single stray hair in sight. Her loop braids defy gravity with a tight, round shape that adds an editorial edge to her leather trench and sharp shirt and tie.

Some models at the Sandy Liang Spring/Summer 23 show paired cornrows with braided loops, while others slicked the front of their hair with glittering hair clips. Regardless, all the braided loops were finished off with one of Liang's silk Corsage hair ties for a dollycore vibe.

Chloe Bailey opted for a single loop that hovers over her hair in her "Treat Me" music video. The braid connects over her head like a halo to create an artful, crown-like shape.

Barbie Ferreira dove headfirst into a princess-chic look with this hairstyle, wearing two loop braids secured by cream bows. TikTokers say that this hairstyle is perfect for a cottagecore look, demonstrating how easy it is to tie braids and secure them for a cute, daytime-ready look.

And finally, Chloë Sevigny modeled for Purple Fashion wearing loop braids in the shape of a bow. Paired with '80s Americana curled bangs, this look combines both the edgy and princess vibes of the aforementioned loop braids, showing that the only real rule with this trend is to wear your hair in whichever way you please, and whichever way matches your vibe that day.

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