Helpful Tips for Pampering Yourself Over a Long Weekend

Blonde-haired woman in pink bath tub with her arms folded over the edge
Jürgen Teller/Oracle Fox

The long weekend is upon us, and I'm here to remind you of some simple pamper options. As the laziest beauty editor in town, it's my duty to emphasize what can be achieved with very little effort. I'm talking about those self-care practices that cost next to nothing, don't require you to leave home, and will make you feel that little bit better having done them. If you too are especially low-key (still have balayage/can't be bothered with body lotion), you might appreciate these easy ideas. Ahead, you'll discover exactly what beauty editors do on long weekends. (The easygoing ones, anyway.)

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Take a Bath

Sodashi Arabian Oud Body Oil $159

As a relaxation tool, baths are underrated. Even without any mix-ins, sitting in warm water is a powerful way to unwind. (If there's a faster way to take the tension out of muscles, I don't know it.) Turn on the taps, grab a book, or tee up a podcast, and take half an hour out for yourself. I often spike the water with a cupful of Epsom salts and a dash of whatever body oil I'm using. (Currently Sodashi's Arabian Oud Body Oil, $159 ASD) If you're thinking, "that doesn't sound that lazy lady?" consider this—your skin will be so soft from the salt and oil you won't need to apply lotion when you get out.

Do a Body Scrub

Don't have a tub? That's OK. While a shower doesn't have quite the same calming properties as a bath, you can still get your pamper on. Before you turn on the water, massage your body with an oil-based scrub. The reason for this is twofold. You get a more thorough exfoliation on dry skin, plus, you won't have to step out of the water midway through. Again, your skin will be ridiculously soft and smooth, and no need for body lotion. (Win-win.)

Whack on a Sheet Mask

Mizon Bio Placenta Ampoule Mask $2

Most women I know have a few sheet masks squirreled away for a rainy day. Well, guess what? That day (x3) has come. Chuck one on and jump on the couch—they're scientifically proven to work better when you're horizontal.*

*According to a case study of one, conducted by me.

Treat Your Hair

Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 Home Treatment $50

Giving your hair extra attention doesn't have to mean replicating a professional in-salon treatment using steam or hot towels. (Take it from me—you'll lose half a day.) For a lazier approach, comb in oil or Olaplex (depending on what your hair needs), then sleep in it. The heat that escapes through your the top of your head overnight will help the product penetrate for maximum benefits. By morning, you'll have hair softer than a kitten's ear.

File Your Nails

Sally Hansen Nail Shaper Nail Board $8

Note: I did not suggest "doing" your nails—just filing them. A natural mani is just as chic as one with polish but takes half the time. Grab a quality file and get to shaping while you watch TV. It's a five-minute exercise, max. This simple practice never fails to make me feel more pulled together. (And less like I just haven't had time to get to a nail bar.) Lara Worthington once told me she prefers her digits nude, and look, that's all the convincing I need.

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