Trust Us: These 7 Perfumes Last on Your Skin the Longest

There's nothing like a spritz of our favorite scent to help us feel confident, put together, and ready to take on the day, which is why we count fragrance as the finishing touch to our daily beauty routines. For me personally, my morning generally looks something like this: I wake up; drink coffee; apply mascara, brow gel, and concealer; spritz on a perfume du jour; and head out the door. It's why I—along with the rest of the Byrdie team—have so many different fragrance bottles scattered on vanities, shelves, and desks. (Well, that and the fact that we're beauty editors and testing new products comes with the territory.) So whether it's a rich and cozy winter fragrance or a light and breezy summer scent, it's important to us that our fragrance lasts all day. Otherwise, we'd have to lug around a glass perfume bottle in our bags for the purpose of reapplication, which is just a disaster waiting to happen.

While we have many fragrance favorites, we know which ones to reach for when we want a scent to last throughout a long (and busy) summer day. From bright and fruity florals to subtle beachy scents, these are the summer fragrances we swear by for all-day wear.