These Are the Longest-Lasting Drugstore Lipsticks, According to Customers

Matte liquid lipsticks have been a godsend for those who consistently snack and drink throughout the day (guilty). Their grippy formulas penetrate deeply into lips like a stain in the best way, and because of this, they last well into the evening without having to continuously reapply. Accordingly, these products are abundant in this roundup of the longest-lasting formulas, but peppered throughout the list are some holy grail OG lipsticks for makeup traditionalists who just want to swipe on a tube that will stay put.

To get a sense of which products work the best (without putting a big dent in our wallets), we searched for the best drugstore lipsticks praised by real customers and included their honest written reviews. Because truly, there's no better way to get a sense of how well a product works than to read the pure, unadulterated opinions of women who've put them to the test. Below, take a look at the lipsticks that garnered resounding accolades for abiding staying power.

Which lipstick have you found to be long-lasting? Please share with us in the comments!