30 Gorgeous Examples of Long Hair With Bangs

Here's the thing. I've had long hair for my entire adult life. So even though I love short hair, and I often stare at pictures of short haircuts whimsically, as one might look at a brand-new designer bag through the window of a New York department store, I can't commit. I don't know why, but I can't part with my long locks. There's just something I love about feeling the weight of my hair when it falls on my shoulders, tossing it up into a big messy bun, or seeing it whip around in the wind. This love affair between my long hair and me has been going strong for six-plus years, and I don't see it ending anytime soon. 

The only way I can get my short-hair kicks is through booking a hair appointment for bangs. They frame my face and offer an opportunity for change, yet they still keep most of my length intact. It's like they're the only happy middle ground I can find between my devotion to long hair and my wanton desire for short hair. It's a perfect hairstyle—especially for autumn. Keep scrolling to see 30 gorgeous examples of long hair with bangs. Just be warned: It may result in a spontaneous hair appointment (they're that good).