The One Thing: Logan Browning on the Pandemic Purchase That Revived Her Workouts

Logan Browning

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Our series The One Thing is a Sparknotes version of the products, rituals, and moments your favorite celebrities and influencers swear by—their go-tos, must-haves, and can’t-live-withouts. So go ahead—take a brief, intimate peek into the lives of your favorites through the things (and people, and moments) they hold dear.

Logan Browning has successfully harnessed the power of mindful meditation to navigate through these uncertain times. As lead of Netflix's Dear White People, the filming of season four came to halt (like everything in the world) when the pandemic hit in March and it was through guiding weekly meditations on her Instagram Live, that she found her happy place. Eager to share her message that self-care comes from within, the actress-turned-wellness-guru not only started a successful virtual meditation practice (Gabrielle Union is a fan!) but has also partnered with Chase Sapphire to provide a one-of-kind YouTube service this Tuesday (Nov. 17) at 8 pm EST.

"I'm really excited about this," Browning shares with Byrdie exclusively about collaborating with Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade for their Wellness with the Wades at-home experience sponsored by the national banking company. "It means a lot to me because it makes me feel like the Chase corporation cares." 

Byrdie caught up with Browning prior to the guided session to discuss her new at-home lifestyle, along with how she’s found peace as a plant mom, the struggles of returning back to work amid the pandemic, and the inspirations behind her mediations. We’ve even got some exclusive details about the one thing that got the 31-year-old through the nail-biter election

The One Thing Her Morning Routine Needs

"I cannot start my morning without a glass of water and meditating! I've gotten much better with my morning meditation practice that literally lasts between 5-10 minutes. It's not extensive. Sitting and meditating in the morning puts me back into consciousness. When you're dreaming, your mind is still active, and I am a person who has really vivid dreams, so sometimes when I wake up, I still feel like 'okay, that was a lot!' Truly, one of the few times that you're able to be conscious and have a restful mind is when you are meditating."

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The One Thing That Inspires Her Daily Meditations

"When I'm guiding a meditation, the thing that helps me the most is to be honest about the present moment. I try to recognize whatever is happening in the world instead of trying to fight it. Pretending like we're gonna go be in a peaceful state is unproductive. The best thing that I adapted is accepting the current circumstance and using that as a guide for my meditation. Everyday circumstances are kinda what guides me."

Wellness Kit
Chase Sapphire Wellness Kit $150

The One Pandemic Purchase She Doesn't Regret

"I wouldn't consider myself a workout junkie, but the pandemic made me realize how much I need physical activity. I wasn't aware of how much I enjoyed it until I wasn't able to go to the gym or attend yoga classes. I ended up buying weights before starting my own little workout corner. I bought an inexpensive, manual, but still pretty large workout machine. It really made me realize how much physical activity is my self-care necessity."

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The One Thing That Got Her Through the 2020 Election

"I actually had my mom and my brother in town. I think that having their energy around was a relief. Having family nearby is so comforting. No matter which way things went, I felt emotionally supported."

The One Thing That's Keeping Her Centered

"I turned off all my phone notifications! And I don't just mean for news and social media. I've also turned off my text message and email notifications. Now, when I look at my phone, it doesn't look like it is yelling back at me. Now, I’m in control. It actually makes me much more responsive. I look at it, I deal with it, then I go away."

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The One Money Philosophy She Swears By

"I think of money as an exchange of love and gratitude. If I buy something, I want to feel that energy. I don't want to buy something frivolous that I'm not going to use...I'm all about a vibe. I enjoy aromatic things like my candles, diffusers, flowers, and plants— which are all important to me. I'm totally a plant mom. When I go out of town, I will find certain friends to take them into their homes. I spread them around to all my friends so they can each have a plant to take care of. I am very serious. I'm a good plant mommy."

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The One Thing That Got Her Back on the Dear White People Set

"I was the last one to get on board when they said we could start shooting Dear White People again. I just didn't know how being on set would work. But, it is comforting to know that people are slowly getting back into work and our set is doing their best to keep everyone safe. As far as the show, we have a few new elements that are gonna make the new season feel really fresh and very relevant!"

Dear White People book
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To learn more about tonight's event—including how Chase Sapphire cardmembers can now purchase a wellness kit ($150) curated by Gabrielle Union—visit

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